Free Downloadable Border Designs

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Holiday Borders

You can add text or images as per the instructions above. Some of the page borders already include greetings for the relevant holiday. If you prefer to print a blank border with no text, then just delete the text by clicking on the “x” on the bottom right-hand corner.

Free Backgrounds

Make your own background with the following templates. Select a theme from the selection below to create your own background in any color with your own text and images.

Holiday Backgrounds

Border PNG

If you want a png border, then click on the cloud icon to download the border as a png file. If you prefer a PDF document then click on the page icon.

Printable Borders

The printable borders can be printed directly from your browser without downloading them to your PC. First, select the page template that you want to print and click on the “print button”. The high res version will then open. Click on the printer icon. Make sure that your printer is set to landscape or portrait depending on the page that you select.

Free Online Poster Maker

Use our free poster maker to turn any border or background on this site into a printable poster.

Make your own background

You can create your own background with our free online app. Select any category from the selection above. You will then see a list of templates. Select any template and start personalizing it. You can add a photo, text, or image from our selection of clip art images.

Free Borders for Word

You can use any of the free downloadable borders in Microsoft Word. Select the border template that you want to use. Download it as an image. Some of the page borders on this site can only be downloaded as a PDF document and cannot be downloaded as an image. If you click on the cloud icon and the border does not download then you will be able to use it in Word. Most of the border templates can be downloaded as an image and used in Word. Once you have downloaded the image open your Word document. Click on “Insert” then “Image” and then select the border image that you downloaded. On the Picture Display Toolbar, click on the “Text Wrapping” button. Select “Behind Text.”

Personal and Commercial Use

Hard copies of the content on this site are free for personal use only and cannot be posted on the internet or used for commercial use. None of the images from this site can be placed on any website without linking back to this site. You cannot use any of the images on any websites that offer similar products for free or for sale. You cannot use any page border from this site on printables that you are distributing via the internet without linking back to the site.