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Last year’s NFL season was an all-time strange one. Teams moving and changing their names aside, the changes imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic created all sorts of problems and changes.

Hopefully this year’s season will be far more normal, and fans can return to the activities they love, but online communities and football fandom will remain central to the sport. To show your love for a team, you can add a simple picture frame to your profile photo on social media accounts. This trend originated years ago with Facebook Profile Picture Frames, but more and more platforms are catching up, with custom frames becoming increasingly popular on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and even Discord.

How to Use the NFL Profile Picture Frames

I’ll give you a unique profile picture frame for each of the NFL’s 32 teams. To add one of them to your profile photo, click the Make It button, enter the Kapwing Studio, and use the Upload button to add your picture to the Studio. Select your photo, click the Back button under Layer on bottom right, and click the Export Image button to process your framed profile picture. In just a couple seconds, you’ll be able to use the Download button to save your profile picture straight to your files. Let’s get started!

*Frames are listed in alphabetical order by city/location within divisions, which are listed in NESW order, AFC then NFC.

Frame #1: Baltimore Ravens

Frame #2: Cincinnati Bengals

Frame #3: Cleveland Browns

Frame #4: Pittsburgh Steelers

Frame #5: Buffalo Bills

Frame #6: Miami Dolphins

Frame #7: New England Patriots

Frame #8: New York Jets

Frame #9: Houston Texans

Frame #10: Indianapolis Colts

Frame #11: Jacksonville Jaguars

Frame #12: Tennessee Titans

Frame #13: Denver Broncos

Frame #14: Kansas City Chiefs

Frame #15: Las Vegas Raiders

Frame #16: Los Angeles Chargers

Frame #17: Chicago Bears

Frame #18: Detroit Lions

Frame #19: Green Bay Packers

Frame #20: Minnesota Vikings

Frame #21: Dallas Cowboys

Frame #22: New York Giants

Frame #23: Philadelphia Eagles

Frame #24: Washington Football Team

Frame #25: Atlanta Falcons

Frame #26: Carolina Panthers

Frame #27: New Orleans Saints

Frame #28: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Frame #29: Arizona Cardinals

Frame #30: Los Angeles Rams

Frame #31: San Francisco 49ers

Frame #32: Seattle Seahawks

I hope you enjoy your team’s 2021 NFL profile picture frame! If you’re based in DC, you probably shouldn’t get too attached to your team’s branding, but for everyone else, you can bring these frames back next September for the 2022-2023 season! If you’re interested in more tips and tutorials on creating great digital content in 2021, check out the Kapwing YouTube channel or read through some related articles on sports:

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