Free Glass Pbr Texture

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Shot Glass

This model is included in the 07 PBR Shot Glasses pack, check out our profile to buy it.

All Kuimi Models are originally created in Blender 3D / Cycles Render.

Our Team is made by professional designers and 3D artists, and we are working hard to give the best result possible to our models in an accessible price!

All Kuimi models are accurately scaled ready to be used in your scene (no cameras, no lighting, just the model in the center of the 3D space).

Preview Images rendered in Blender using Cycles Render (Please, note that the scene and lighting or anything that is not the model are not included).

All designs and arts in our models are made from scratch by our designers, including Logos, and general designs, there are no copyrighted brands, logos or any kind of resources.


  • 1,536 Tris
  • 770 Verts
  • 800 Faces
  • Quad and Tris Workflow


  • PBR
  • Single Mesh Models
  • All Materials Baked in one single texture
  • Subdivisable
  • All objects named correctly
  • Model ready to be used! (no clean scene process needed)
  • The original model was made in Blender 3D


  • Blend (original)
  • OBJ
  • FBX
  • DAE
  • STL

TEXTURES (4096 x 4096)

  • Roughness
  • Transmission


When downloaded, the model comes without subdivision levels applied. For close up renders, we highly recommend that you use subdivision levels modefiers to get best results (the preview renders were made using subdivision level 1)


Please, consider downloading one of our free 3d Models with Refraction Properties (Glasses or crystal materials) using the Transmission Map in the material setup, to make sure it works correctly in your software!


If you are using a .Blender File, and the model was loaded pink, it means that the software could not find the correct path for the textures! please try to use “File > External Data> find missing files” to find the correct path for the textures (it should not happen, but if happens please contact us to solve the problem in the asset)


If you have any question about how to use or setup the model, report something wrong, or make some request, please contact us via support!

Thank you!