Free High Resolution Seamless Textures

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In this section you can download free seamless textures of fabrics of various types and colors. These textures are perfect for visualizing the upholstery of furniture, creating sheets, blankets, pillows, as well as other purposes. Also in the subsections you can find textures of knitted fabrics, carpet textures and denim textures.

Total textures in this category: 317. Free Seamless textures for downloading 1 - 20 of 317 . Texture fabric seamless download free for 3dmax. Fabric textures: gray, white, beige, blue, red. Fabric for curtains, clothes, furniture and other materials and coatings. Seamless textures are designed so that, when arranged in a tiled format, the patterns repeat both horizontally and vertically. This is my collection of 70+ seamless textures and backgrounds.

In fact, anything from abstract backgrounds to cog patterns and fur textures. Feel free to download and create :). This is the black version of a seamless old mesh screen, grid or grill metal texture.

Lots of black holes and an old metal finish. Hi, here is a seamless image of for want of a better description some blue electric neon cells under microscope. It is photoshop generated and .. Hi, Another lightly coloured cream and brown marble texture. Like the others it is seamless and can be tiled into ..