Free Marble Texture

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One of the most beautiful textures for designers is marble. Its pattern looks luxurious, gorgeous, and mysterious. Marble is one of the most famous stones that exist today. Marble was first used in Greece, 438 BC to create impressive columns and tiles. This material is used not only for interiors and decoration offline but also online.

These days designers use marble textures for websites, business cards, menus, calendars, stationery, covers, Tumblr themes, and more.

Free Marble Textures

I know it’s quite challenging to find high-resolution free marble textures on the web. In this list, we have put together 50 of the best marble textures both free and premium.

In this collection, you are going to find red marble, blue, black, white marble, and many more.

Bonus: More free stuff to use in your next design project…

Make sure to have a look at our previous lists with high-quality patterns:. paper textures;. metal textures;. watercolor textures. Here is an amazing pink marble texture taht is made of a real photo. Download this minimalist white marble texture for free.

Here is gorgeous blue acrylic paint texture that looks like marble.

How to Use Your Marble Textures in Photoshop

The combination of white, pink, and golden makes this pattern the best option for wedding invitations and postcards.

This is a stone concrete texture that looks like yellow marble.

Premium Marble Textures You Can Buy

Amazing blue marble background that reminds me about the sea. Here is a simple minimalist marble texture that will look amazing with bold or handlettering fonts. This amazing blue paint stains marble texture could be the best pattern for any type of design.

Rose pink marble texture with high-resolution can be a great addition to your web and print designs.

How to Use Your Marble Textures in Illustrator

Are you looking for a dark marble texture? Unsplash provides the best high-quality images of marble, concrete and other textures. Here is a gorgeous white marble texture with blue and grey details.

This marble looks like a sandstone.

Download 13 Free Marble Backgrounds

Feel free to download it now. This intensive texture is made of marble tiles. Get this great stone marble texture right now using the button below.

Dark tiles marble texture can be a perfect choice for interior design website.

Revamp your designs with these handmade and FREE marble textures. Add the natural luxury design trend to backgrounds, package designs, vector shapes, typography, and much more.

Since natural luxury was announced as one of the big design trends of 2018, you might be looking to add a touch of this popular style to your designs. Now you can with this completely free pack of marble textures, featuring dramatic swirls of color and black and white.

We created this pack of free marble textures in four convenient formats to elevate your design projects.

What’s Included in This Free Pack of Marble Textures?

Each background is truly one-of-a-kind and handmade, created in-house using a nail polish marbling technique.

These versatile marble textures are easy to use in any design program – each texture comes as a full color and black and white JPEG, a vector EPS, and a transparent PNG to be used in a variety of designs.

Use Two Marble Textures to Design a Marble Overlay Background

Take a look at this texture pack in action, then keep scrolling to reach your free download and learn how to use it in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Don’t have access to those programs?

You can also use these free textures in Shutterstock Editor – check out our tutorial for non-designers here.

Add Marble Texture Clipping Masks to Type and Shapes

Marble textures and backgrounds mimic the ripples seen in agate and marble, creating a luxe effect for digital design. These textures will elevate all types of design, from brand identities to invitation designs.

You can see how designers have incorporated these backgrounds into coffee packaging, labels, business cards, and interactive web backgrounds.

Add Gradients to Alter Marble Colors

These unique, handmade marble textures incorporate swirls of solid color to create visually intriguing design backgrounds and textures.

Each background is one-of-a-kind, made by mixing various nail polishes together on top of water.

Create Duotone Backgrounds

This free pack contains 13 different textures, and each texture comes in four formats:. Full-color JPEG.

Black and white JPEG. With 13 backgrounds in 4 variations, you can utilize these backgrounds in multiple ways to best suit your needs.

10 Free Modern Marble Textures

Getting your free marble texture backgrounds is simple; just click on the button below to initiate the download.

Want to see how these backgrounds can be used on a design?

5 Marble Textures Vol.1

Follow along with our step-by-step instructions in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. By downloading this free texture pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Once you’ve downloaded the freebie, head to the EPS folder to open the flat vector marble backgrounds.

Stone Pavement Marble Textures

Right-click, or control-click on Mac, then select Open With > Adobe Illustrator. This command will open up a file in Illustrator with your selected vector background.

Copy (Cmd + C) the marble texture over to an existing document then paste (Cmd + V), or work with the newly opened document.

Marble Textures Freebie

The possibilities are endless when working with vector backgrounds; you can quickly change the color of the marble with the Color menu, crop to a specific shape with a clipping mask, or alter blend modes to achieve the look you’re after.

Experiment with various blend modes or adjust the opacity within the Transparency panel to achieve a unique effect.

Suminagashi Marble Textures

Utilize the Color and Swatches panels to experiment with color variations and import custom swatches. Need some color inspiration? Check out these 101 color combinations and these 25 retro palettes to help jumpstart your design process.

These backgrounds can then be applied to to branding, invitations, posters, typography, shapes, and more.

Metallic Marble Textures

Add a subtle hint with monochromatic tones, or go wild with more eye-catching hues.

You can also apply these marbles textures to typography and geometric shapes using clipping masks in Illustrator.

Metallic Marble Textures

Start by drawing a shape with the multiple ShapesTools, or type a word with the Type Tool (T). If you’re working with typography, convert the text to editable vector paths by heading to Object > Expand.

Bring the EPS marble background into Illustrator using the steps above, then adjust the colors of the marble and background.

Marble Halftone Textures

Bring the text or shape layer in front with Shift + Command + ], then group the marble texture and background layer together with Command + G. Select both the marble background and the shape or text layer with the Selection Tool (V), then hold down Command + 7.

From the clipping mask, you can edit individual marble shapes by clicking within the mask using the Direct Selection Tool (A), or edit all marbles by clicking with the Selection Tool (V).

Paper Marbling Textures Vol.1

Experiment with various opacity percentages or blend modes within the Transparency panel to achieve a unique effect. This technique can be applied to virtually any vector shape and easily transforms your design with eye-catching or subdued textures.

The beauty of these marble textures is that you can layer them to create a one-of-a-kind background for posters, invitations, typography, and more.

Marble Stone Texture Vol.1

While using just one marble background already creates a dynamic background, incorporating two backgrounds with various blend modes gives you a truly extraordinary effect.

Black Marble Texture

Marble BW Texture 07 and 08 applied with Color Burn and Overlay blend modes.

Applied Distressed Texture 09 from these 50 Free Distressed Textures.