Free Materials For Substance Painter

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Since this story was originally written, Substance Source has been renamed Substance 3D Assets and has been expanded to include free HDRIs and 3D models. Find more details here. Allegorithmic has an interesting update to Substance Source, its online library of PBR materials.

The 50 new Substances replicate materials used in 3D printing, helping users to previsualise 3D prints. “Product previews for 3D printing have been almost nonexistent until now,” said Allegorithmic product manager Nicolas Paulhac. “We wanted to offer designers the ability to experiment with a new sense of tactility through photorealistic renderings, so they can almost feel the object in their hands before they print.”. Replicate the materials and weave structures used in real-world 3D printingThe new materials replicate those used in 10 real-world 3D printing technologies, including SLS and FDM printing.

As well as plastic, metallic and wood finishes, they replicate the weave structures of printed meshes. As with other materials on Substance Source, the files are available in .sbs and .sbsar format for use in Substance Designer, Substance Painter, and compatible DCC software.

At the time of posting, one – a Voronoi metal mesh – is available to download from the Freebies section of the website, which also includes 11 other free downloadable PBR materials. Updated 25 February 2018: Allegorithmic has updated Substance Source again, this time with 30 materials based on 3D scans of real-world sportswear fabrics.

Read an overview of the scanning process here. At the time of posting, one of the materials – a knitted spandex fabric – is available to download for free. Updated 7 June 2018: Allegorithmic has announced its “most substantial update so far” to Substance Source – a collection of “almost 500” materials used in automotive design. As well as more obvious materials like paints, composites, leathers and plastics, the set includes those used in prototyping cars, like plasticine, clay, polystyrene and even camouflage pattern films.

The assets are being released in batches over five weeks, with future updates focusing on car interiors and exteriors. At the time of posting, two are available for free, with more to follow as new batches are released.

Updated 28 September 2018: It’s a bit early for Halloween, but Allegorithmic has just posted a new pack of 18 creature skin materials on Substance Source. Designed to make use of the support for subsurface scattering introduced in Substance Painter 2018.2, the pack covers fish, amphibian, reptile and zombie skins.

At the time of posting, two are available for free: one of fish scales, and one of crumpled zombie skin. Updated 16 November 2018: Allegorithmic has just posted a new set of 27 procedural ground materials on Substance Source, ranging from lava to leaf litter. The lava material is currently available free.

The firm has also released a new Cloud Viewer for Substance files, making it possible to adjust parameters for the materials and see the results update in real time inside your web browser.

Updated 14 February 2019: The latest addition to Substance Source is a set of 20 sports fabrics, ranging from fleece to polyester and woven mesh, all scanned from real-world samples.

At the time of posting, one is available free: a polyester stretch fabric.

  • Updated 10 May 2019: Allegorithmic – or rather, Adobe, its new owner – has posted a new set of 69 skin micro detail materials, ranging from pores, hairs and fingerprints to some rather ickier spots, moles and scars.
  • The blog post announcing their release includes a set of brief videos showing how to use them within Substance Painter, recorded by Framestore modeler Magdalena Dadela.
  • At the time of posting, two are available free: one fingerprint material, and one of freckles.