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Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. Creating a single animated strip demands several years of practice and profound knowledge about the art.

Very similar, yet very different from any traditional application of fine art form, digital animation calls for a total understanding and control of the components that form the structure for a motion-concept.

Best Free Maya Rigs

And the only way to perfect your hand at getting the stats and proportions is to practice rigorously out on a quality rig. The perfect rig could help you immensely at getting better and better understanding the specifications of every kind of structure that you’re trying to deliver on the screens.

However, telling a good rig from a substandard one could be tricky, and if you ended up with the latter, then it could become a pain in all the wrong places for your animation experience.

And that is why today we’re bringing you an extensive compilation of some of the best Maya rigs you can get your hands on right away! These include literally everything from advanced facial rigs to basic body mechanics ones, as well as various biped, quadruped, and other creature models.

Other Free Maya Rigs for Advanced Mechanics

So, stay tuned while we run you down through this real quick! Best Free Maya Rigs. Other Free Maya Rigs for Advanced MechanicsPremium Maya Rigs. Premium Maya Rigs. The “Ultimate” Rig Pack, true to its name, comes with literally each and every one of those rigs that you can possibly require to practice basic and advanced body mechanics.

You count in all from a basic squash and stretch ball up to a tricky and challenging walk cycle of the biped bony rig: it’s all in there!

Incredibly helpful in whichever you want to use them, these rigs are designed for body mechanics. However, they don’t include facial control. This is because the aim to help you maintain all of your focus on body movement for your practice. Additionally, most of these rigs allow different adjustments and customizations, such as, the ball rig comes with various selections which include aspects like a bowling ball or football.

18. Wolfdog

Overall, this is definitely one heck of a set for practicing all kinds of 3D animation, offering tons to choose from! C’mon we all know that animating the effect of “weight” is hands-down one of the most difficult feats to achieve.

Depicting weight in motion-picture he requires the extremely delicate balance of perfect timing and spacing that relays the motion on the screen. So, it goes without that animating weight does make your rig experience way more realistic.

All of the legendary animators at Disney have always used flour animation exercises and workbooks to test the mettle of junior animators.

This is truly a foolproof way to determine to understand and learn about weight in an animation. This particular Flour Sack rig created by Joe Daniels provides you with all the benefits of a weight-practice field where you could focus solely on perfecting your weight tactic in animation.

The upper part of the sack in this one will hardly have any weight or not at all with the bottom part having the most weight. It provides some great exercise for you to practice realistic motion. However, this might be of little help when it comes to real-world film, as they don’t really have moving flour sacks, but it will nevertheless, help you understand how to bring in motion to an inanimate object.

8. Conan Character

Using flour sacks for this purpose is a commonplace practice. This Juicebox Rig is another fabulous one by Joe Daniels in the inanimate objects department. And the unique thing about it is the straw which is an additional appendage to the main structure.

This challenges the animator to bring a certain original appeal and personality to the rig. This could be used as a waving-hand or a nodding-head. You could also look up the walkthrough right here if you want to start with your practice.

Additionally, you could also visit Joe Daniels’s Gumroad page where you’d find several rigs created by the artist, including the classic body mechanics one! To bestow life to our anthro tiger is unquestionably one of the trickiest things to do in the bipedal structure. Anthro Tiger is actually a bipedal rig that consists of switchable or interchangeable IK and FK arms along with breath control and a dynamic tail option.

In addition to these, it also features padding props controls that you could work your way as well as controls for pelvic movement.

For working the dynamic tail, you got to enable it by switching the DYN FK feature from 10 to 0 under the COG control.

15. Haunted Armor

And if you’re comfortable using Maya, you’d find it easy to maneuver, even though you’ll also get numerous online tutorials for assistance. This particular character has been textured and designed using perfect proportions and stats that provide a “polished” vibe to the overall rig.

But, although this one’s modeled as a tiger, it doesn’t support quadruped locomotion. The rig is appropriate if you’re going to for heavy action calisthenics such as the character of Master Tigress in Kung Fu Panda or Tai Lung.

The creator of this rig, Tre Vital, has also released a rig demo video that you should definitely give a worthy watch. The Wraith is a unique “biped” rig that’s designed on the familiar wraith model.

The upper body of the character appears to have regular arms and a torso. However, the lower body only consists of central controls that make it look as if it’s floating in mid-air. A classic rig to construct ghost-figures on, this rig offers textures by default. It is also comparatively light which will get you real- results. You could easily animate the shoulder armors of the figure separately from its dedicated controls.

Under normal circumstances, you would require a switchable FK and IK spine, but, this rig comes with simultaneous hybrid controls.

20. Bonnie Legacy Rig

This provides you with greater flexibility in the process of animating for any scene.

The Wraith also gives you the benefits of many options for its fingers. So, you can choose to animate them either by attribute or by using viewport controls. For those who aren’t aware of Argonian’s origins, it’s a villainous character from the famous Insomniac games: Ratchet and Clank.

The rig possesses an asymmetrical design featuring a left hand that acts as claws and a right hand that resembles a mace weapon.

The mace control comes with a set-driven feature of automatic pistons and mechanics that works during the extension of the mace. One other awesome aspect about the rig that it allows spot-on deformations even in the absence of any definite corrective blend shapes.

This is because of precise mesh topology. Similar to other rigs created by Tre Vital, this one doesn’t come with any sort of facial controls. However, it does have some standard eyes and jaw control. The rig also has an IK tail and hair. You’d be able to catch this rig character play right here.

Fascinated with dragons and looking to know how they create those magnificent beasts?

10. Walking Egg

This absolutely awesome dragon rig is going to teach you how! The Jaemin Dragon rig is made with Advanced Skeleton auto rigger and features numerous IK and FK switches. These switches include controls for a spine, bones, wings, and neck.

The rig is designed intricately with a meticulously detailed texture and several moving parts.

All of these brilliant attributes set the rig apart from other conventional ones in a video-game or animation scene.

Premium Maya Rigs

It goes without saying that the dragon is definitely the most complicated structure that you could find on this list.