Free Photo Apps For Computer

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It enables you to manage RAW, PNG, JPEG, and many other formats. Automatically detects faces in the photo and create an album of each person. You can add tags to image files. It enables you to find and remove duplicate photos from your hard drive quickly. View photos in full-screen mode. The software can select visually similar images for you. Review automatically created photo albums which are sorted by the company. You can add personalized quotes or messages to pictures. Allows you to create landscape images with ease. Offers customized effects to your photos. You can move, scale, or duplicate objects. This tool automatically adjusts the position of the human face for a selfie. Allows you to view photos in the slideshow. Easy to adjust the brightness and color of your images. This application can auto-adjust your images for visual clarity. Helps you to improve the quality of the image. You can share images on social media sites or through email.