Free Photoshop Patterns And Textures

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Any design work consists of multiple objects and elements. Some of them are put in focus, other play secondary role. There are also elements which seem to be imperceptible and plain, but they are no less important in an overall design concept. Photoshop patterns and textures are one of such elements in the design.

Although they play a role of background, they are important for overall comprehension of this or that piece of design.

Free Textures: Categories

How do I save a pattern?

Free Watercolor Circus Vector Seamless Pattern

Because of less importance, many designers don’t pay too much attention to creating textures and patterns.

Micro Grids Seamless Pattern

We have rounded up 30 free textures and patterns in Photoshop in order to free you from time-consuming abortive design work.

Free Paint Marble Patterns

Hand Illustrated Line Patterns

Dark Stains - Photoshop Brush Set

No need to spend hours of your time on creating textures and patterns your design projects’ background images.

Paper Texture Overlay Photoshop Freebies

You can easily download these free patterns and textures created by our professional designers or provided by third-party websites right into your Photoshop program.

Spring Flowers Photoshop Patterns

Modular Photoshop Patterns

40 Circular Patterns Set

Grab any of these free and creative patterns or textures and create a unique and effective look of a website, flyer, infographic, CV background or other type of design.

Healthy Lifestyle Seamless Free Pattern

If you specialize in print design and want to boost your creativity and enhance your design projects, feel free to have a look and download our exclusive and stunning free print PSD templates.

Geometric Pattern

If you are a beginner in logo design, then our free logo PSD templates will be of great help for you.

8 Colorful & Vibrant Patterns

200 Seamless Portugal Azulejo Tile Backgrounds

Crystal Photoshop Patterns

Great Britain Vector Free Pattern

Doodle Patterns

Glitter Ombre Patterns

Free Watercolor Forest Animals Photoshop Pattern

Diverse Doodle Faces – Seamless Pattern

Watercolor Fruit Photoshop Patterns

With the help of Photoshop, you can easily turn these pre-designed templates into high-end decent designs: Get Photoshop as part of a Creative Cloud single-app plan for just US$19.99/mo.

Modern Paisley Seamless Patterns

Eun UI Set

Enhance your designs for children related design projects like baby shower invitations with the help of these free children Photoshop patterns.

Dark Slider with Featured Ribbon

Free Stripes Photoshop Patterns

Enjoy these free fruit patters and use them for free to make your summer related designs attractive and rich. Here is another summer related free Photoshop patterns set that you can download for your design needs right away.

Watercolor Stripes and Patterns

Floral Pattern Collection

If you need to create a St. Valentine’s dedicated flyer or greeting card or any other dedicated design, you can use these heart-shaped patterns for Photoshop.

Dot 13 Seamless Vector Patterns

Handmade Christmas Pattern

How do I install Photoshop pattern presets?

Friends List

Watercolor Vision Vector Patterns

Beautiful Wood Texture 2 PSD

Free Universal Geometric Vector Pattern

10 Food Photography Patterns

How do I add a pattern to my design?

For creating autumn related designs feel free to use these stunning free autumn Photoshop patterns. (2 votes, average: 5 out of 5). The right photo overlay can really take an image from ordinary to extraordinary.

Halloween Pumpkins Seamless Free Pattern

Hello Autumn Seamless Patterns

Free Photoshop Patterns

In this article, we'll take a look at some free photo overlays that you can download right now. We'll also take a look at some awesome textures, because they're a reason why texture overlay effects are so popular—they're amazing!

Abstract pattern

12 Colorful Seamless Flower Patterns

Looking for a premium collection of textures and overlays for Adobe Photoshop? Envato Elements is a great resource to check out, too.

7 Styled Tickets

Tiki and Hawaiian Patterns

Charm – Flower Photoshop Patterns

Psd Water Drops Background Texture

100 Seamless Geometric Patterns

Rope Texture

Grunge Texture Overlay Freebies

Free Floral Photoshop Pattern

Who doesn't love a good freebie? Well, I hope you like 100 freebies, because this list includes over 100 texture overlay Photoshop add-ons, images, and effects—and they're free!

Free Seamless Geometric Patterns

Unicolorous Seamless Floral Patterns

Not sure how to add a texture overlay to your work in Adobe Photoshop? Check out this video walk-through over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:.

Free Seamless Dog Pattern for Photoshop

Free Heart Dot Photoshop Patterns

Now, let's dig into some free Photoshop overlays and textures you can download and use today. Grunge textures can make for the perfect overlay addition when you're looking to add a weathered look and feel to your imagery or photography.

Organic Turing Photoshop Patterns

Free Abstract Tropical Patterns & Vectors

20 Seamless Bold Patterns

Watercolor Wash Bundle Volume 1

How to Create a Photoshop Pattern Preset

50 Geometric B&W Seamless Patterns

8 Free Geometric Patterns 2

Check out these amazing free Photoshop textures and overlays that you can take right into Photoshop, for free, right now. This free bundle includes 15 textures that you can download right now—absolutely free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Psd Wall Pattern Background Texture

They're high resolution and even free for commercial usage. These 12 textures are perfectly designed for your Photoshop overlays.

Christmas Toys Illustration Vector Free Pattern

Even More Photo Overlay Effects and Textures

Just add a touch of dust, or really push the weathered look. These textured brushes make adding a grunge aesthetic to your work easier than ever.

Memphis Style Pattern Pack

Rather than an image, just install the brushes and easily add organic texture to your work. This pack of textures and overlays is jam-packed with content—and for free too!

Free Artistic Photoshop Patterns

Can I use Photoshop patterns in other software?

25+ Premium Photoshop Overlays and Textures

These beautifully crafted textures really need to be seen to believed.

Mini Mail

Simple As Milk Free Patterns

Very Flowery – Free Photoshop Patterns

City Life Free Vector Pattern

Navigation Bar

36 Pixel Pattens (.PAT)

Calendar PSD

Download them today and leave the author a like. This mixed set of textures has so many different grungy textures to experiment with! Add them to your favorite photos or use the included Photoshop brushes.

10 Free Colorful Geometric Patterns