Free Printable Decorative Paper Borders

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Page Borders

A selection of free printable or digital page borders. There are hundreds of free borders available on this site. Once you have chosen the design that you want to use click on “print” or “add text or images”. The page border maker will open. You can then add text by clicking on the “A” icon or you can add an image by clicking on the image icon. If you want to print a blank border, then just click on download or print. The downloadable borders are available as a png image file or as a PDF document. You can also print it without downloading it. Bookstore-bought stationery can sometimes look old-fashioned, or does not have the perfect design you’re looking for.

Holiday Borders

What’s more, they’re sold in bulk, when at times, you only need two or three sheets. These only end up being recycled or added to your paper storage. If you’re looking for fully customizable, pretty, and unique designs for your stationery, you can personalize your own using Canva’s page border templates. Our blank page border designs can be used for simple everyday notetaking, crafting handwritten letters, or displaying a motivational quote in a beautiful frame. They can also be used for creative exercises in classroom setups or to make your child feel excited about writing with a pen and paper.