Free Printable Frames For Photos

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Make your own photo booth pictures at home with these cute FREE printable photo frames art for your pictures!

These templates are super colorful and trendy, and have a heartwarming message, so they are perfect to give as a gift!

Cute Free Printable Photo Frames Art For Your Pictures

If you and your kids or you and your spouse enjoy taking fun photos together, you’ll both love this activity!

For the best results, take some pictures together, and get them printed out at your local photography develop shop (you can even print your photos at home on photo paper).

After your pictures been printed out (or developed), download and print these cute frames, and glue or tape your photos within the black borders of the frame.

You can either cut out the hole using an exacto knife or place the photo on top. Either way. Just be sure if you go the exacto knife route, you put an old book or thick magazine under the paper you’re cutting. That knife will go through to your table and cut your table if you don’t!

And there you have it! A memory for you and your family to hold dear! If you’d like, you could give your children some stickers and glitter to decorate the frames even more.

These would be PERFECT for your teens to decorate their rooms with their favorite photos, or for scrapbooking!

Download the horizontal free printable photo frames PDF here.

Download the vertical cute free printable photo frames PDF here.

Fun Ways to Use These Printables:

Want some ideas on how you can use these printables? Here’s more ways to use them…

Make a DIY Photo Booth

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with the kids during the Spring or Summer, how about making your own DIY photo booth?

Simply find a blank backdrop to hang on the wall (or take an old bed sheet), and set your phone up on a tripod! Now, using the self timer option, take some silly photos with the kids! After you’ve had your fun with your DIY photo booth, print the photos.

When the photos are all ready, fit them into the printable frames!

Frame Them and Hang Them on the Wall

Get a really pretty black frame and insert this into your frame. Tape your picture on the white box and put the glass on the frame. Once done, it’ll look really beautiful!

I created both horizontal and vertical options for you so there’s plenty of options that will work for you. 🙂

Gift for Grandparents

I’d be willing to bet you that your parents would absolutely AAAHHHHH-DORE your framing some cute pictures of their grandkids for them. You can give them as a gift from the kids. They really enjoy that!

Use as Binder Covers

Another great way to use these frames would be to use them as binder covers!

Have you and your kids favorite photos printed out, then put them in the frames, and stick them in your kids binders. What a cute treat they’d see when they go to get into their binder!