Free Printable Frames For Pictures

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Here are the printable borders and the free picture frames you have been looking for! Borders with butterflies, swirls, flowers - well, almost any kind of border and lots and lots of image frames of any kind.

Below you find an overview of all the different pages here on my website with borders and frames.Right now there are only two pages, in addition to this one, but I am working on 6 more pages, so take a look now and again.

Almost all the borders and image frames are available in a larger, better printable version, if you need that for printing a card and similar. If you follow my newsletter, you will get links to these printable versions.

If you don't follow my newsletter, when you read this, and you still would like the links, please start following, and send me a note on contact-me. Then I can send you the links when you need them.

Lots of beautiful borders clip art with butterflies in different colors.Sometimes with flowers or decorative swirls.

Also image frames with butterflies and flowers, with spotted frames, colored frames, to use for card templates or friendly messages. Wonderful and funny borders for Christmas invitations, gift tags and Christmas cards.

Here are borders with Christmas trees, small Santa drawings, polar bear heads with Christmas hats and borders with red hearts. You will also find some Christmas frames and dividers. Take a look at these borders with all kinds of flowers, and I am sure you will find one that suits your purpose. You might even find them so great that you simply cannot help yourself making up an excuse for using one of these simple flower borders, or one of the free border templates with flowers.

Maybe for scrapbooking? Black and white borders and frames, simple page dividers and complicated and delicate vintage frames. These borders are so special, and can be used for so many things. First of all dividing pages in a document, in a blog, a mail and a printed letter. These page dividers and borders are often delicate, and so are the beautiful frames.

A page with cute and funny borders with Easter chicks, with Daffodils and Easter Bunnies. Also some frames with soft colors for Easter greetings or Easter cards. Funny and scary borders and frames for Halloween, with witches and bats flying through the sky, pumpkins and skeletons.

Frames with skulls and ghosts, and borders with both. Beautiful frames from the 19th century, rich ornamented. Also some new frames, made out of old Victorian flowers and silhouettes of ladies Victorian style.

A page with bombastic and some delicate ornaments and Victorian decor elements. There are also different kinds of borders, and maybe most important there are loads of decor elements for making your own Victorian borders, frames, cards and more.

Frame Border Clipart:

Over time there will be many pages with printable borders here on Clipartqueen, and here on this main page for all those pages you find free pictures frames and borders clip art that I cannot easily place in other categories.

It is frames with shapes and colors, spotted or patterned in different ways, but without a specific topic (like fish or butterflies).

Also here you will find printable borders made of beautiful swirls in all shapes and colors. About the rules for using my clipart, please go to Homepage to read more about that.

Also on Homepage you will find an easy description about how to get the best version of the pictures and how to save them.

I have made all these borders clip art as PNG, with a transparent background. This way you can use them on any kind of background, which will be perfect if you are working with digital scrapbooking.

As you can see, three of these printable borders are with the same pattern, but in different colors. Two are also with the same swirl and flowers, but where one is all in black, the other one is with pink flowers.

Overview of All the Pages with Printable Borders and Image Frames:

Here comes some frame borders to use as card templates, for framing quotes and sayings, and I am sure a lot of other purposes I don't know about.

This is a black and white image frame made of beautiful swirls. A printable border made of pink bows.This one is in PNG, which means you can place the border on any kind of background.

A chess board border made into a frame border. I think this image frame would be great for a greeting to the parents of a newborn baby boy.

A printable frame in pink and soft brown. Here comes three templates made over the same shape, but with different patterns.

Two frame pictures with spotted frames, but in different colors. A blue frame picture, the last (for now) of the free borders.

If your kids love drawing as much as mine do, you can find more free printable drawing prompts here.

And find loads more awesome drawing ideas for kids here.