Free Printable Picture Frame Cutouts

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Being very close in age, Kari and I are like twins; we talk the same, we buy the same clothes, sometimes we wear those clothes on the same day (that’s just weird), etc. We have so many twin-like things, sometimes we say we share the same brain. Yes, it’s weird, but totally awesome. So you can see that we get a little surprised when we don’t think the same about something…or have the same crafty idea.

That’s kind of what inspired the idea to give us the exact same products and see if we create the same thing or something similar. We did this with an adorable Nativity Set from The Wood Connection.

Well, today The Wood Connection has sent each of us the same round Gladys frame and overlay; so, we are going to show you the two different looks we came up with. Oh, there’s a bonus, too: we each designed a free printable for the frames. These frames are fun to add a pop of color Kari’s fireplace mantle and to my entryway.

Also, I think it’s pretty cool how different our frames and printables are, but you can see similarities too; we both used a paint with some kind of turquoise hue. The Gladys frame and overlay come as two separate pieces. Once we’ve painted the round frame and overlay individually, we then glued the overlay to the frame with E6000 glue.

This glue has to dry for about 12-24 hours to secure in place, but it’s permanent!Kari’s Striped Frame is so bright and whimsical. Created with some 1/2″ painters tape and some coordinating paint colors, this frame is a darling addition to her fun spring mantel.

Kari also drew these three dainty tulips and water-colored them to create a beautiful printable.