Free Seamless Wood Texture

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BRICKSColored BricksFacing Bricks. DECORATIVE PANELS3D Wall panelsWorld maps. PAVING OUTDOORConcretePavers stoneTerracotta. ROADSPaving streets. STONES WALLSCladdings stone. Claddings stone. TILES INTERIORCement - EncausticMarble tilesMosaicoClassic formatPlain colorOrnate tilesPlain colorWater Jet. Cement - Encaustic.

MosaicoClassic formatPlain color. Classic formatPlain color. BACKGROUNDS & LANDSCAPESNATURE. MATERIALSCARPETINGFABRICSMETALSRUGSWALLPAPERParato ItalyStriped. WALLPAPERParato ItalyStriped. NATURE ELEMENTSSOILVEGETATIONWATER. Well, you may have noticed that I have posted a lot of seamless wood backgrounds over the past few weeks.

How to tile seamless textures in Photoshop

Well, now the collection is complete! (at least until I am in the mood to make some more :). So here we have some great seamless textures and a selection of high resolution wood backgrounds, free for both personal and commercial use (attribution required).

Free Seamless Wood Textures

Obviously it would depend on your project, billboard anyone? but all of these images are a minimum of a couple of thousand pixels wide and so should big enough to use as they are (some are considerably bigger).

Light Wooden textures

2 Free Seamless Wood Textures. There is probably multiple ways to do this and possibly easier ones too (always seems to multiple methods for anything in Photoshop) but this is how I do it. Most will already know, so you may scroll down, otherwise read on :).

Bonus Wood Texture

Open the background image in Photoshop. In the layer stack select the background and press Control J or right click and select duplicate layer. Do this three times so that with the background, you now have four copies.

Dark Wood Backgrounds

Go to Image on the menu then down to Canvas size. In the ‘new size’ area are width and height, it is probably showing, centimetres, inches or pixels, change the drop down to percent.

Seamless Woven Wicker Basket Wooden Background

Now in each text box change it from 100 to 200. The anchor part below will be in the centre, click on the top left corner. Now in the layer stack click layer 1 and then click and hold on your image, drag it across to the right it will snap into place.

Similar designs

Repeat for the other two layers moving them down and down to the bottom right corner.

Flatten the image and repeat if necessary. Anyway, enough Photoshop, let’s see some see some textures and background images…. Another seamless wood texture, one of my last for a while, I have a pile of other stuff to put on This one is a nice light pine or plywood.

Seamless Wood Floor Texture

A free orange seamless wood texture background image.

Only lightly orange, still could be pine or any one of a number of light coloured wooden background. Continuing on with the seamless wood textures here is another lightly coloured plywood or pine wooden background.

9. Light Wood Texture

This one has some great knots and woodgrain. Here is a free nice light pine or plywood wooden background. A few knots and grain make a nice pattern with overdoing it and keeping it subtle if tiled in a seamless wood texture.

10. Dark Wood Background

A free plywood texture in a seamless wood background. It could also be pine, a light oak or a range of other woods. Free oak texture in a seamless wooden background image.

11. Wood Grain Textures

Well it’s actually a generated picture so it is just guess that it is oak. Wooden texture again! here is another free seamless wood background in a nice light pine. I really like the woodgrain / knotty look of this one.

12. Deep Dark Wood Background

Another wood texture this time it is a green grey seamless wooden background image. Another free seamless wooden texture of some grey wood. Here is another free grey background seamless wood texture.

13. Close-Up Tree Bark Texture

Has some more knots and wood-grain than the others but like them it is 2000 x 2000 pixels so should be useful whether you need big or small. Continuing on with the seamless wood texture collection here is another white wooden background.

14. Wood and Paint Free Textures

Another free seamless wood texture along the lines of pine or similar. This one is angled for something different. Here is another free seamless wood texture that is 2000 x 2000 pixels and I think gets a nice balance with wood grain contrast.

15. Painted White Wood Texture

A gray seamless wood texture / wooden background, again it is 2000 x 2000 pixels.Last one for now, more tommorrow. Free high resolution white seamless wood background texture. Another free seamless wood texture.

16. Hardwood Brown Background

This one is nice light pine colouring. Another seamless wood texture, this time is a really dark one with very subtle wood grain. Lots of great wood patterns on this seamless wooden background. A free red seamless wooden background texture, another with long straight grain.

17. Rustic Plywood Texture

Free straight dark texture of seamless wood. Free dark seamless wooden texture, this one is on an angle. Third dark high resolution seamless wood background (2000 x 2000 like the others).

18. 3 Vector Wood Textures

The second free seamless wood texture / wooden background. Free seamless wood texture I was the mood to do some seamless wooden backgrounds so here is the first. Nice lightly toned wooden parquetry floor seamless texture or background image.

19. Dead Tree-Free Texture

With the colouring and toning of this one can be tiled into a massive image beautifully. Free wood floor texture – rich wood patterns with wooden planks in this seamless background.

20. Dark Wood Pattern

Here is another wooden background this of a nice red toned seamless wood floor. Thicker and stronger mortar or perhaps grout? (I not sure what it is called when it between wooden flooring panels, especially when they are not real and just generated in Photoshop :)).

21. Wood texture Patterns

Here is another free wooden flooring background. Again it is seamless so can be tiled to be any size you like. It has a great mix of wood grains and textures in a nice pale brown or grayish coloring.

22. Free Basket Weave Textures – Seamless Wood Texture

Here is a seamless background of some wooden flooring or perhaps parquetry? that I made the other night. Seamless wood texture of wooden flooring. Nice light brown wood with a range of grains and styles in planks or parquetry.


Another free seamless wood texture. This one is for for some wooden tiles, parquetry, planks or even vinyl woodgrain flooring. Probably should have both images into one post, oh well.