Free Skin Textures For Blender

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Creating a texture for Blender from scratch can often be an extremely gratifying endeavor. When you're short on time or are more interested in other aspects of the process, however, using free textures for Blender that you find online will usually be sufficient, especially when you're still learning. Not all free Blender materials are created equally, however. Here are six of our most trusted sources for free Blender textures that will never disappoint.

Only a very special type of curmudgeon can claim to hate Andrew Price, the energetic personality behind the hugely-popular Blender Guru YouTube channel.

If you're a fan, you've likely heard him mention his own pet brand, Poliigon.

3. AmbientCG

  • The Poliigon site acts as an asset resource for 3D artists, and everything that you'll find on it comes directly from Andrew and his team.
  • While much of what Poliigon offers is unfortunately not free, there are still plenty of textures, models, HDRIs, and brushes that you can try in your own work without handing over a dime.
  • Price is a Blender prodigy in his own right, so nothing that you find on his site will be second-rate by any stretch of the imagination.

Build Your Own Blender Textures Library for Free

  • 5. CG Bookcase

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