Free Stl Files For Download

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  1. STL is the default file format that is supported by almost all 3D printing software.
    With the popularity of 3D printing growing day by day, more and more people are looking for free STL files of their favorite 3D printing models.
  2. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best sites for free STL files.
    These websites have a huge collection of models ranging from D&D minis to full-size car engines.
  3. Each website has its own unique set of offerings and there’s something for everyone to find.
    To get the full benefit of this list, it helps to understand the differences between the various websites.
  4. We’ve sorted out all the websites in three different categories: Repositories, Marketplaces, and Search Engines.
    A repository is a place where you can get a large collection of free STL files.
  5. These files are free to download for anyone.
    Depending upon the particular website, you might need to create an account to download these files.
  6. Most of the websites mentioned in this list are repositories.
    Marketplaces are websites that let you buy and sell STL files or 3D models.
  7. You get access to premium models that you can purchase for a particular fee.
    Usually, these websites are great places to get premium models and you can even directly request the creator to create a specific model for your needs.
  8. Last, we have included search engines that let you search for a specific model across many sites at once.
    These websites offer a one-stop solution and take away the hassle of individually searching for the model on different websites.
  9. Thingiverse is amongst the most famous 3D printing file repositories on the internet.
    It was developed in 2008 as a companion site to MakerBot 3D printers and is to date maintained by MakerBot Industries.
  10. You can find over 2 million free models that are ready to download and 3D print directly on Thingiverse.
    The Customizer in Thingiverse allows you to customize supported models to suit your requirements.
  11. The site, however, is notorious for its sluggish performance and recently suffered a data breach.
    PrusaPrinters is a 3D file repository developed and maintained by Prusa3D.
  12. This file directory has files in STL, AMF, 3MF, and gcode formats.
    The gcode files are available only for Prusa 3D printers and you can directly print these files with a compatible Prusa3D printer without having to adjust any of the settings.
  13. The PrusaPrinters models library is fairly new and was launched recently in 2019.
    Since then, the model database has grown considerably.
  14. All models are 3D printable and can be finely tuned towards Prusa printers.
    The website is aimed at creating a huge community of makers all around the world.