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This is my stylized Smart Material for Substance Painter. I've used it for these two projects: and

It's a solid base for me to get started on my projects. The zip file contains the smart material and a Read me that goes over the grouping and layers and what they're used for.

I've tried labeling and naming them to make it clear. The images will show most of the layers and their effect using the sample project Jade Toad from Allegorithmic. If you have any questions feel free to message me on Artstation:, on Twitter: or by mail: [email protected]

TC_Stylized_Base explanation:The smart material comes with a number of layers to you can turn off and on and tweak at your liking.There are two main folders inside the Smart Material.-->Roughness /Metal has a few layers:A fill layer that only affects the metalnessA fill layer that only affects the roughnessA fill layer that uses the albedo as roughness with some edits in Photoshop.

This is from a technique that Fanny Vergne used in her tutorial here: I personally don't use the metal and roughness fills, as I do it directly in the Albedo folder.

But I've separated them for ease of use and because Fanny Verge used it that way. The only one I use the the roughness from Photoshop.-->Albedo which does all of the heavy lifting:->Effects (rust/moss/etc.): The layers here are purely placeholder and should be changed.

The masks specifically. These are the settings I used for a project of mine found here:>Color:I'll start with the two most important folders:>Fill Layers and HSL Layers: These two folders are essentially mirrored.

The idea is that you use one of the two, or a mix. The fill layers give you individual control over each aspect (AO, cavity, edges and so on).

The HSL layers all depend on the base layer. As the name says, you can shift the Hue, Saturation and Lightness to change the colors to your liking.

It means everything depends on the base layer BUT when you change the base layer all the others update where with the fill layers you have to manually change them.

They are a bit harder to control to get the right color in my opinion. I personally have been trying the HSL method in my last 2 projects and like it a lot. I've added the fill method because other people use that a lot.

Just chose which one you likeI'll go over what's in either of those groups:Base: your base layer. Color,rough and metal are turned on.

If you use the fill layers in the Roughness/Metal folder, you can just toggle them off.Base Color Var: adding some color variation based on a mask.

Make sure to change the fills as the default uses Cloud and BnW spots.Edges Broad: Uses the curvature to highlight the edges but in a softer mannerEdges fine: Uses the curvature to highlight the edge but in a finer, harder way.

Looking for Substance Painter Materials and are you frustrated by the countless internet paywalls? Check out my list of 100% free and legit substance painter materials, and smart materials you can download right now for free.

Some of the freebies can even be used in commercial renders. Here is my list of FREE Substance Painter materials I have found. Remember, hard-working artists took the time and effort to create these files for us all, so if you can consider leaving a tip for the artists and on the sites that so generously provide us with these files.#1 – Good Textures – – This site boasts having 123 unique pbr based files ready to download and free to use for both private and commercial renders.

The site is easy to navigate with no-frills, just a great resource. #2 – Substance Share – – this is the official FREE sharing platform for Substance Painter users.

Create, share, and download materials for free. There are over 140 materials, and over 50 smart materials, you can download right now for free.

#3 – Julio Sillet 3D Artist – – This artist has generously provided their Substance Painter materials for free. With well over 100 material options, this artists gumroad is worth checking out.

If you like their work, don’t forget to tip. #4 – ArtStation – – Artstation has become one of the leading platforms for serious 3d and 2d artists to not only share their art, but also resources.

If you go to the Marketplace there is a FREE option for you to filter content under.

There are many different 100% FREE substance painter materials you can download, as well as many other 3d treasures. #5 – GameTextures – – This site offers materials for use in 3D in various formats.

When downloading a freebie from this site, be certain to check out the file format download options to get what best suits your needs. #6 – CG Ammo – – This artist has a few freebie substance painter materials offered on his gumroad, as well as a tutorial.

You can download them for free, with an option for leaving the artist a tip.

#7 – CG Trader – – If you search through the collection of download on CG TRader you will find a handful of free Substance Painter Materials as well as a few Smart Materials for free.

There are also many low-cost Substance Painter materials you can purchase. If you are looking for lots of great VRay materials, I also recommend checking out:

Do you know of another source of legit free Substance Painter materials? Be certain to check out our other freebie pages! 15 Free Beds – .obj and .fbx files.

Free Adult Clothing & Props for Daz.

Free 120+ Furniture & Household Props – .obj and .fbx files.

At the time of posting, five are free, including stones, cobble, planks and grass, plus a lava material.

Updated 17 April 2020: The latest resources on Substance Source are 130 parametric decals, created in parallel with the new decal tool in the next update to Substance Painter.

The assets range from grunge effects like cracks and dirt to surface features like vents and grilles.

At the time of posting, five are free, including graffiti, rust, blood and bullet hole decals.

Updated 29 June 2020: Adobe has released over 400 new materials on Substance source: updates to the parametric decals and stylised materials packs, plus new photorealistic materials.

At the time of posting, three are free: paint spill and road marking decals, and a ground material.

Updated 10 July 2020: Adobe has released 90 new textile materials on Substance Source, mimicking real-world woven, knitted and printed fabrics.

There are also 20 new decals mimicking stitching, patches, tears and surface printing.

At the time of posting, seven are free: four of the fabrics and three of the decals.

Updated 31 July 2020: Adobe has uploaded over 385 varied new assets to Substance Source, ranging from photorealistic metal and marble materials to wood, paving and new sets of decals.

At the time of posting, 15 are available to download for free.

Updated 11 October 2020: Adobe’s latest update to Substance Source is its Parametric Cities collection – a set of over a thousand materials targeted at architectural visualisation and building design work.

Most are building materials, including interior furnishings like wood, concrete, marble, and woven structures like metal grates and natural flooring; plus construction materials like metal, plastic and ceramic foams.

However, the collection also includes a set of complete parametric materials for building facades, generating repeating patterns of windows, brickwork and surface panelling for anything from houses to high-rises.

At the time of posting, 12 are available to download for free, including woods, marbles, metal foam and four of the facade materials.

Updated 17 November 2020: The latest update to Substance Source is Explore Cartagena, a kit of 15 architectural materials created by Ubisoft Québec lead material artist Vincent Dérozier.

The assets are intended to recreate the courtyard of a Spanish colonial-era house in Cartagena, Colombia.

Updated 13 December 2020: Adobe has added a new collection of 15 fabric materials created by texturing and lighting artist Pauline Boiteux to Substance Source.

Each of the intricate fabrics replicates traditional weave structures from around the world, from Congolese raffia fibre cloth to Cambodian beaded fabrics.

At the time of writing, two are available free: a floral lace material and a beaded Indian fabric for a lehenga.

Updated 22 January 2021: Adobe has added two new sets of materials to Substance Source this month.

Architectural artists get a set of 670 marble materials, while anyone interested in creating period scenes gets the Materials of the Industrial Revolution collection: 15 materials themed around a vintage steam train.

At the time of writing, five are available free: three marble materials, and two from the steam train.

Updated 21 March 2021: Adobe has added another two sets of materials to Substance Source: a collection of over 700 parametric habitats and a further 850 material atlases of debris.

The habitat materials are based on scans of ground materials from the natural world – beaches, forest floors and mountains – plus walls, roads and paving, and a further set of materials from abandoned buildings.

The debris ranges from natural materials like pebbles, leaves and wood chip to man-made objects like paper, crushed cans and polystyrene packing, by way of a few wild cards (pork chops, anyone?)

At the time of writing, 25 are available free: 15 scanned habitats and 10 debris atlases.

Pricing and availability
You can download a set of free materials from Substance Source via the link below. The files are changed regularly, and are usually provided in both .sbs and .sbsar formats.

Access to the full commercial library is avaiable via Adobe’s Substance subscriptions, which start at $19.90/month for Indie users with revenue under $100,000/year, or $99.90/month for Pro users.

Read more about new Substance Source materials on Adobe’s blog

Download free materials in Substance format from Substance Source
(Requires registering for a free Adobe user account)

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