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Photoshop textures are an awesome resource for designers who want to play around with different looks – especially because you can download thousands of them for free.

But a thousand textures would make for a pretty long blog, so we’ve collected 40 of the coolest free Photoshop texture packs you can use for your next design project. This compilation includes a mix of different kinds of high quality textures such as watercolor textures, feather textures, textures of rocks, concrete, grungy surfaces and much more.

These textures would be a great addition to your toolbox. Textures are a great way to add depth and a tactile feel to your design. Here are some of the ways you can use them in your designs in Photoshop:. Use Texturesas Backgrounds in your Design.

You can use subtle textures such as recycled paper patterns listed above to add visual interest to your background. These background textures help put focus on foreground elements such as text, logo and buttons when you are designing a website, Instagram post, promotional banner or poster.

Additionally, in place of using the whole texture image, parts of it can be clipped to shapes and blobs for creating interesting collages and background compositions. Create Textured Typography. Textures can be used to easily create a range of text effects in Photoshop. One such example would be clipping the gold foil texture (mentioned at the top of above collection) to text layer for a quick gold text effect.

Overlay Over Images. Textures are an asset when it comes to photo manipulation. You can overlay concrete and grungy photocopy textures, both included in this roundup, over an image to produce distressed effect in Photoshop.

Textures can bring life to any design, they are an incredibly useful and versatile design resource. Good thing with these textures is that they are available for free download as JPG files which are a common image format format and are widely supported in graphic design tools and can be used not only in Photoshop but also in Canva and Affinity as well.

Design is all about giving yourself options. The more tools you have at your disposal, the more designs you can make. Here are more texture collections for you:. What’s your favorite Photoshop texture? Share it with us in the comments! Step 1: Choose a texture and copy it.

Having opened both the original photograph and a free Photoshop texture in the program, we should send the chosen texture to the photo document. Make sure that the window containing the texture is active, open the “Select” menu at the top of the screen, and click “All”. Thus, we select the whole texture.

There will be an outline around it. After that, open the “Edit menu” at the top of the screen, and then “Copy”. Step 2: Insert the texture into the document containing the photo. After copying one of the free Photoshop textures into the buffer, go to the window with the photo, go back to the “Edit menu” but this time select “Paste”.

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