Free Texture Maps For Blender

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Having a good asset library is essential to becoming a productive architectural visualization artist, and nowadays you will find several online libraries that offer creative commons zero resources.

Some of them are updated every week, and it is hard to keep track of all new assets. We made a list with the most recent additions to two incredibly useful online libraries for architecture, which are Texture Haven and HDRI Haven.

At those libraries, you will find textures and HDRI maps to use in your projects.

Here is a list with the most recent updates on textures:. And the newest HDRI maps:. The textures are in PBR format, and you will get multiple maps for each surface. For the HDRI maps you will find numerous resolution options, going up to 16k sometimes, and files as HDR maps.

Creating a texture for Blender from scratch can often be an extremely gratifying endeavor. When you're short on time or are more interested in other aspects of the process, however, using free textures for Blender that you find online will usually be sufficient, especially when you're still learning.

Not all free Blender materials are created equally, however. Here are six of our most trusted sources for free Blender textures that will never disappoint. Only a very special type of curmudgeon can claim to hate Andrew Price, the energetic personality behind the hugely-popular Blender Guru YouTube channel.