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Vue is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks available out there. Released in 2014 by Evan You and maintained by his small crew of active members, Vue.js has gradually become a major competitor to both React and Angular frameworks.

As of 2020, Vue.JS has more stars in Github than even React framework and is often suggested as an ideal app framework for beginners. Vue gained popularity because it is easy to get started and allows you to remain productive after the initial learning curve.

Check out our shortlist of best vue admin templates available on the interwebs. Today, Vue templates are widely used to build complex and dynamic WebApps. The benefit of easily being able to kick-start a new project and the availability of well-designed samples pages, UI components, and plugins make Vue templates extremely useful.

Star Admin is a popular free vue template featuring two separate dashboards. The template also gives you access to plenty of widgets. Tables and charts. Separate Error, General, User, E-commerce pages. The simple line, Themify, MDL, flag, and font awesome icons.


Connect Plus Vue

Tabs, Modals, Buttons, and more elements. Chat, Email, Calendar, and To-do list.

Featuring an attractive dashboard featuring color-gradients, Purple comes with a well-designed dashboard with neatly arranged components. More than 10 UI elements. 5+ Well-designed User Pages. Attractive color scheme. Font Awesome, flag, MDL, Themify, and Simple line icons. Forms, Notifications, and more. The dark theme dashboard Corona Vue admin template has a modern, simple, and elegant design.

The template also contains several neatly arranged components. Badges, Alerts, Buttons, Tabs, and more. Charts and Table for Data representation. Huge collection of icons. Well-designed Error, Ecommerce, General, and User Pages. E-mail, Calendar, To-do list, and more. Vuexy Admin Dashboard Template – is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap 5, Bootstrap Vue, Laravel 8, Angular 12 & Reactstrap.

If you’re a developer looking for an admin dashboard that is developer-friendly, rich with features, and highly customizable look no further than Vuexy. We’ve followed the highest industry standards to bring you the very best admin template that is not only fast and easy to use but highly scalable. Offering ultimate convenience and flexibility, you’ll be able to build whatever application you want with very little hassle.

Sing App Vue Laravel Template is a web application template made with Vuejs and Laravel PHP framework. We used Vue 2.5, Vue Router, and Laravel 8 when building this PHP template.


Additionally, we have added the best Vue libraries including Vue Draggable, V-calendar, Vee-validate to make Sing App Vue a complete web application.

SASS preprocessor allows you to change the style by using and updating variables and mixins. Also, we use Vuex for better state management. Sing App Vue Laravel Template is great for building any type of Vue application: BI app, Laravel admin panel, any SaaS app, CRM, or Appointment System.

Sing App Vue Laravel Template comes with many reusable components, user management, complete working CRUD applications, three-color themes and dark modes, and customizable layouts. JustDo Vue is a carefully crafted and elegantly designed admin dashboard template that is designed to look unique, simple, and beautiful. The template offers unlimited options when working on building web apps. Dark and light themed versions. Horizontal and vertical layouts.

5 Stunning Ecommerce pages. Multiple charts and tables. This fully-responsive vue template is a crowd favourite and features 20+ sample pages. A well-designed dashboard. Basic and advanced UI elements. 5 Charting libraries. User, Error, General, and Ecommerce pages.

A beautiful landing page . Plus Vue admin dashboard template will serve as an excellent starting point when working on developing complex and powerful web applications. Multiple Data representation options. Plenty of basic and advanced UI elements. A well-designed landing page. Multiple page layouts. Forms, Icons, Editors, and more components. Stellar Vue admin template comes with a clean and well-commented code that will make it simple for beginners to complete their project. Multiple pre-built apps and widgets.

Maps, UI elements, forms, icons, and more components. Five beautiful Ecommerce pages. Detailed documentation.


Clean and neat design . Breeze Vue 3.0 has a breezy cool look ideal for trendy new-gen application.

A powerful and well-designed dashboard. Landing page to boost online conversions. Clean and well-commented code. Multiple Charts for data representation and visualization. General, User, Error, and Ecommerce pages. Designed with the help of Vuejs and Vue Material, Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro can be used to build powerful web applications.

25 Unique Example Pages. 15+ Customized plugins. Responsive design. Recommended reading: What are the Differences Between Vue and React. The VueJS admin template, Vue Material Dashboard Pro has a clean and elegant design along with a beautiful color scheme.

200 UI elements. 15 customized plugins. 25+ Well-designed Example Pages. Detailed documentation.

Vue Material Dashboard Pro

Guarantees a fine user experience on desktop and mobile devices. Xtreme Vuesax Admin is a carefully crafted and easy to use template featuring a clean and unique design.

The template also has a clean and well-commented code that even beginners will be able to comprehend. Light and Dark demo layouts. 6 Attractive color schemes. Over 75 UI components. More than 2000 Font Icons. Multiple Charts for data visualization . The responsive and cross-browser compatible Vuely admin template comes with several pre-built features and other handy tools.

Multiple numbers of dashboards. Over 78 custom widgets. More than 200 UI elements. An elegant dark-colored layout. JVector, Leaflet, and Google Maps. Designed based on the Bootstrap framework, ArchitectUI is packed with several fully customizable components and layouts.

Nine separate dashboards. More than 150 components. Multiple numbers of page templates. Component loading and loaders widget. Avatars, Labels, and Badges. The Bamburgh Vue admin dashboard template is an ideal candidate for developing complex and sophisticated web applications. Dark and light-colored sidebars. 9 Well-designed User Pages. 5 Separate Application interfaces.

Excellent and detailed documentation. The Vue and Bootstrap admin dashboard template, Vue Element Admin has a beautiful color scheme and appealing color scheme. Multiple number of plugins and icons. Well-designed Page layouts. Over 50 components. Dark and light themed versions. Multiple tables.

The simple and modern Vue admin template, CoPilot comes with plenty of neatly arranged components.

Xtreme Vuesax

You can also check out Star admin free Vue admin templates here. Huge collection of reusable elements. Easy to customize and use.

Multiple page layouts. Tasks, Settings, and Files. Charts, Graphics, Stats widgets, and more. Vue 3 + Vuetify 3 + Vite + Typescript. VueJs Dashboard Template. Vue3 + Vite + Vuetify 3 + Typescript.

Free Nuxt.js / Vuetify based website UI Kit. VueJs Dashboard Template. Free Vuejs Dashboard Template.

Free Vuetify Dashboard Template. Free Vuetify Dashboard Template.

Free Vuejs Dashboard Template.

Best Selling Vuejs Templates & Themes

Monster Bootstrap Vue Admin Lite is a free product with a basic dashboard.

The basic dashboard that comes with this free admin template package is well designed if lacking some of the features found in the premium products in this category. However, with over 11 templates and more than seven UI components, there’s more than enough to get started with. You do get more with the paid version of Monster Bootstrap Vue Admin, so if you need additional features in the future, that is an option.

The free version does include some useful elements, such as alerts, badges, buttons, and cards so that you can build simple pages relatively easily. While no support is provided for the free version of Monster Bootstrap Vue Admin, updates are available. However, you don’t get access to the documentation unless you pay to upgrade.

Graphs and animation effects help to increase the appeal of this option.

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro

Vue Element Admin might be one of the most feature-rich free VueJS admin templates available today.

Available for free download via Github, Vue Element Admin has lots of features to help you create the type of dashboard or admin area your project demands. Thanks to components like a rich text editor, the ability to import and export Excel files, and clipboard.js support, there’s a lot you can do with this template.

If you want to display data in the form of charts and graphs inside your dashboard, that’s not a problem with Vue Element Admin template. In fact, this could be one of the top reasons to choose this template for your project. One of the options for creating graphs includes a design with tooltips, animated effects, and support for multiple data sets. You can also set the template to produce pie charts, bar charts, and other options, based on the data that you provide.

Tables are another type of component you can add to your dashboard and admin areas with this template. Creating dynamic tables is possible, as is producing tables with rows that can be dragged and dropped into new locations by users. You can also add tables that can be edited by the user, thanks to support for inline editing. If you check the online demo for this template, you can see these tables and more for yourself, including the complex table option that has advanced sorting and filtering features. There’s good support for adding and displaying files inside your admin area too, including PDF and Zip files, as well as the aforementioned Excel spreadsheet support. The error page templates should come in handy when fleshing out your user dashboard.

Vue Element Admin might not have the most stylish appearance, but it certainly has a competitive set of features.

Sing App Vue Laravel Template

Vuestic is a responsive and free VueJS admin template with 36 elements and 18 pages.

If you choose the Vuestic template for your admin area or dashboard, you could add some nicely designed charts and graphs to your pages. One of the options for displaying a graph also lets you easily display the data that the graph is based on, in an interactive table format. Thanks to this, your users can browse the underlying data to get a better understanding of what the chart represents. There’s also a good selection of progress bar styles that you can quickly implement on your pages, too.

Adding forms to your pages is another of the core functionalities of the Vuestic admin templates. The library of form elements should ensure that you can create the type of forms that you need, with fields including text inputs, date and time pickers, and dropdown selectors, as well as switches, checkboxes, and radio buttons. There’s also a form wizard module that gives you the ability to collect information from your users via a multi-step form.

Another nice input-related feature of Vuestic is the Medium-style editor. This editor works in the same way as the popular online publishing platform, making the process for creating text-based content very straightforward. All the essential formatting options are available as part of the editor, including applying bold, italic, and underline styles to the text, and making use of a range of header styles. With this inline text editing, Vuestic is a good choice for anyone who wants to add a functional text editor to their pages.

Aside from using the editor, when it comes to displaying text in your pages, there are lots of pre-defined typography settings to make use of. With blockquotes, headings, different types of lists, address formatting, and highlighting functionality, you can format your content appropriately with this free VueJS admin pack

Vuestic sounds good on paper but the online demo does a better job of showcasing exactly what this template can do.

Star Admin

CoreUI Vue Admin Template comes with a good set of widgets, elements, and components for a free package.

Built to significantly cut development time, the free CoreUI admin template set has lots of content to help you quickly create your own admin area or dashboard. Although this set of templates should enable you to save time, you won’t have to make any sacrifices when it comes to the design and style of your project. If you take a look at the CoreUI demos, you’ll see that the templates in the package have a very professional design that is well suited to premium products.

As you get access to a good set of components, even with the free version of CoreUI, the templates in the package are populated with useful elements. The widgets are sure to come in handy when adding progress bars, social media metrics, and other panels to your pages. While you don’t get access to any plugins with the free version of CoreUI, there are still plenty of components, elements, and icon packs to work with.

Some examples of these elements and components include the buttons and notification icons, cards, popovers, and tabs. You can also add a range of different charts and graphs to your pages, including line, bar, and pie charts. Inserting forms is straightforward, too, thanks to the selection of pre-built options.

The pre-built pages that make up the CoreUI demo cover the login, registration, and a few error pages, helping you to save time when building your admin area or dashboard. When getting set up, you can easily choose between the light and dark modes to quickly give your project the right look. There’s RTL text support out of the box as well. The icon packs look really good, too, making it easy to add a range of visual elements to your interface items.

If you ever want to upgrade, you can unlock extra features at any time with CoreUI Pro.


Breeze Vue

Piaf has lots of customization and configuration options as well as various other useful features.

As this is a premium VueJS admin template, compared to many of the free options out there, you get a lot more tools and features to work with when creating your admin area or dashboard. You also get a lot more control over how your pages will look, with settings that cover the different color modes and formatting options you can choose from.

When creating your admin area, you have the ability to choose from multiple layouts and page structure options as well. This mainly concerns how the menus will be displayed, and how the other interactive elements of your pages will work. There’s also a smart menu feature that you can take advantage of to help menus with lots of items become easier to manage and interact with, something your users are sure to appreciate.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose a premium admin template over a free option is the number of components that you get access to. Piaf is no exception in this area. So if you choose this template, you’ll be able to add a wide range of components to your pages. Some examples include the advanced charts and graphs, a selection of input fields, product-related components, and carousels, to name just a few.

Some other reasons to consider Piaf for your project, include the 10 pre-defined color schemes you can quickly apply to your pages, the multi-language support, and right-click menu feature. You can also enable keyboard shortcuts on your pages to help your users work more efficiently. A long list of plugins have been used to create Piaf, and you can view them on the product page.

With lots of themes and pre-built templates, you get a lot of creative control over how your pages will look with Piaf.

Plus Vue

Sing App Vue gives you plenty of unique pages and components to help you build a custom admin dashboard.

With over 60 ready-to-use and customizable user interface components, there’s a good chance Sing App Vue will provide you with everything you need to create the perfect dashboard for your project. The components can be divided into groups, with UI elements, charts, alters, and buttons, being the most common categories of components. However, you’ll also find that forms, maps, icons, and tables, are included too, helping you to add these elements to your pages. Some of the standout components from the long list of options are the vector maps, although you can choose to use the Google Maps component instead; the user profile component; and the Sparkline charts. You can see all of the components in use on the demo pages of Sing App Vue, however, they all look great but can also be easily customized to match your design and branding preferences.

When it comes to page templates, these aren’t in short supply either. One particular highlight is the user profile page. With a layout that includes a user profile picture, a background image, and contact details, among others, if you want your dashboard or admin area to include a page for your users, this template is worth checking out. There’s a good analytics dashboard layout too, that contains a range of graphs, tables, and a calendar, that are ready to connect to your data source. The list of pre-built content and elements is long, but some more useful highlights include the calendar module, the invoice generator, and the gallery template.

There are lots of ways to customize your admin pages with Sing App Vue, helping to give your dashboard a unique look. Also, despite the impressive features of Sing App Vue, this premium VueJS dashboard package hasn’t been purchased that many times. This means it represents a good way to get a set of admin templates that won’t look overused to your audience.

The online demo of Sing App Vue does a very good job of showcasing exactly what’s possible with this admin template pack.

Vuexy – VueJS Admin Dashboard Template

Vuero is a premium VueJS admin and web app UI kit.

Thanks to over 15 master layouts and more than 200 prebuilt pages, it shouldn’t take you long to construct your admin area, dashboard, or web app with Vuero. As the Vuero templates cover a range of purposes, you should be able to find something suitable here to kick start your project.

When using Vuero, you have a lot of elements and components at your disposal. While the pre-built templates make great use of these features, you can easily add additional items from the library to your pages as needed. For example, the selection of pre-built forms can be effortlessly inserted into your pages, saving you lots of time.

The extensive documentation for Vuero will quickly get you up to speed.

Stellar Vue

Vuesax is a popular premium VueJS admin template that has been given a positive feedback rating from its users.

If you’re looking for a tried-and-tested admin template, then Vuesax is worth adding to your shortlist. With a good number of sales generated via the ThemeForest marketplace, despite not being available for long, Vuesax has proven a popular option among those looking for a premium admin template package.

To ensure that your VueJS admin pages have the right look for your project, Vuesax can be used in either light or dark mode. You get a lot more control over how your dashboard will look than simply choosing a color mode, but switching between these styles only takes a few clicks. You can also choose from a few different menu styles, such as the collapsing sidebar and the more traditional fixed menu area. For those who want more control over the appearance of their admin pages, Vuesax also has a built-in customizer to help you get this template looking just right. Through the customizer, you can apply your own color, font, and layout choices.

Vuesax doesn’t just look good though. You also get access to six workable apps that allow you to add email, chat, and a calendar to your admin area. You can also use the to-do list functionality to add an interactive tasks list to your dashboard. Another nice feature of Vuesax is the commerce support that lets you list items for sale inside your dashboard. If you want to create an internal product ordering portal, that’s only available to your users, built around your requirements, Vuesax could be able to help.

The list of cards that you can add to your pages is impressive too. These cards have a high-quality design and appearance, ensuring your dashboard has a premium look. This applies to the pages that make up the Vuesax package as well, with templates covering the user profile, search, login, and error pages to name just a few.

Vuesax and its features are a great example of what you get from a premium VueJS admin template package.

Free Vue Admin Dashboard Templates

Gull is a Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template pack with a modern design.

As Gull is a highly customizable set of VueJS admin templates, you can use this pack for almost any type of project. Checking out the Gull demos should give you a good idea of how versatile this package is. Exploring the demos will also show you the type of templates you can quickly add to your project by importing the pre-built content. However, as this pack can be easily adjusted, if you don’t see a demo that’s a perfect match for your requirements, you should still be able to modify these templates to work with your preferences.

To help you customize the templates, you get access to the editable Photoshop files for the images that are included in the layouts. You can, of course, also edit the underlying code of each of these templates to ensure they work as required for your project. To help you with all of this, there’s lots of documentation for the Gull VueJS admin template pack.

However, thanks to the inclusion of four dashboard demos, you might not need to carry out much customization work at all. As well as the stylish designs of the Gull templates, some of the features that you get access to include the invoice builder that your users can use to export documents in PDF format and the inbox application that enables you to easily add a mail tool to your dashboard or admin area. Other apps that you can add to your dashboard with Gull include a chat service and a calendar, helping to make your project more useful to your users.

Gull has lots of widgets, elements, and modules to provide you with everything you should need to build the right dashboard for your project.

Premium & Free Vue Templates

Midone is a nicely-designed set of admin templates built with Tailwind CSS.

This premium package has lots of features that make it an attractive option for anyone seeking a set of admin or dashboard templates. The Midone demos and their templates are packed with elements, giving you a good preview of what this package can do. As they’re easy to edit, you can simply remove the elements you don’t need from the templates to quickly craft your own bespoke designs.

Some of the other properties of Midone that make it something you should probably take a closer look at include the multiple menu layout options, the selection of pre-built forms, and the useful widgets. You also get some apps when you choose Midone, including a file manager, chat tool, and calendar to name just a few. The chart and graph components look really nice, too, with good uses of color by default.

The dark mode of Midone is particularly eye-catching.


Xtreme Vuesax Admin has three fully formed demos plus a starter kit for your commercial dashboards.

The dark and light demos give you a quick way to set the tone for your admin area and dashboards, while the third demo is an option with a mini sidebar that gives your main dashboard area some extra space. If you want to take a more hands-on approach to assembling your dashboard and admin area, the starter kit demo will provide you with a solid foundation to build upon.

With over 90 page templates to work with, constructing your dashboard shouldn’t be a problem with Xtreme Vuesax Admin. Furthermore, there are more than 75 UI components available, giving you lots of options for which elements you can add to your pages. Some examples of these components include alerts, buttons, popups, and sliders. As there are multiple versions of each type of component, you should be able to find the right one for your project.

As well as the light and dark demos, there are also six color schemes that you can quickly apply to your templates. However, if you want more control over the colors in use on your project, you can fine-tune them to ensure they match your branding or other visual requirements. Font icon options aren’t in short supply either, with over 2,000 premium icons to choose from.

Like many of the best premium VueJS admin templates, Xtreme Vuesax Admin has a selection of apps to help you enhance your dashboard area. These include a chat app, an email tool, and a todo list. The app elements and interfaces have all been designed to a high standard and will integrate seamlessly into your pages.

Xtreme Vuesax Admin is available on a number of different pricing plans that are suitable for a range of uses.

JustDo Vue

Purple Vue is an affordable modern set of admin templates with a clean and simple design.

A quick look around the Purple Vue templates gives you a good idea of the type of quality designs that you get access to with this product. Not only do you get dark and light versions of the main templates to choose from, but they all have stylish designs that are sure to give your product and its dashboard a professional look.

As this is a premium admin template pack, you get access to lots of widgets to enable you to populate your pages with useful elements. Some of those widgets in the Purple Vue pack include tables, charts, graphs, and more, giving you lots of different ways to present information and stats to your users. You can view the available widgets for yourself on the Purple Vue demo pages, giving you another way to see if this is the right package for your project.

In addition to the widgets, you can also add some apps to your dashboard and its pages. Thanks to this, adding a calendar, chat tool, and mailbox to your admin area is covered by Purple Vue. The library of advanced UI elements gives you the option of inserting carousels, sliders, and tree views into your dashboard as well. Google Maps integration is another key feature of Purple Vue, making it possible to add interactive maps to your pages.

When setting up your admin area, you can quickly switch from the default vertical sidebar layout to the lesser-used horizontal mode. You can make other changes to the default settings of Purple Vue, too, making it a highly flexible set of admin templates.

The feature list, including the templates and widgets, helps to make Purple Vue an attractive option.


Social IV is a bootstrap admin template set with a strong social focus.

If your project has a social and community element, then Social IV might be the product for you. This is mainly due to the demos and templates that come with Social IV, which cover login pages, newsfeeds, profile pages, and groups. In fact, it’s hard to think of a template this type of project might need that isn’t included with Social IV.

As well as looking nice, your pages can be enhanced with the features that come with Social IV, such as a range of chart options, animations, counters, popups, and forms. Everything is well documented so you should be able to incorporate all of the features of Social IV into your app right away.

If you want to create your own community or social platform, Social IV has the right type of templates.


MaterialPro Vuetify Admin is a premium VueJS admin template set with multiple demos.

With dark, light, and a few other demo options, MaterialPro Vuetify Admin is a good all-around set of templates for creating an admin area or dashboard for your project. Depending on which demo you choose, your dashboard or admin area could feature a horizontal or a vertical menu. The sidebar menu area could be either small or large, based on which templates you use and how your configure MaterialPro Vuetify Admin.

To ensure that you’re able to populate your dashboard with the right type of content and information for your users and your project, MaterialPro Vuetify Admin comes with over 60 page templates. These templates cover a range of layout styles and are populated with many different UI components. In fact, with over 300 UI components in the MaterialPro Vuetify Admin package, you should have everything you need to build the type of pages you need.

In addition to the stylish templates, MaterialPro Vuetify Admin also contains a selection of useful applications that are sure to help enhance your dashboard. You can see these applications in action for yourself on the MaterialPro Vuetify Admin demo pages, but to give you a quick idea of what you can add to your dashboard with this package, the options include chat, calendar, and email applications. There are also to-do and contact apps as well that might come in handy for your project.

If you’re prepared to invest in this premium VueJS admin template package, you’ll get access to lifetime updates and one year of dedicated support. You can also take advantage of the money-back guarantee if you decide MaterialPro Vuetify Admin isn’t the right option for your project afterall.

MaterialPro Vuetify Admin has lots of prebuilt content to help speed up the development process of your dashboard.

Flexy Vuetify Vue3 Dashbaord

Vuley combines the material design user interface style with a large list of premium features.

With Vuely, you get six different dashboard demos to choose from, including ecommerce, SaaS, agency, and user analytics options. These demos cover the layout, widgets, and formatting of your dashboard, giving you a good range of options for your pages. As well as the main dashboard templates, you also get access to a useful selection of other page templates in the Vuely package.

Among the pre-built templates that you get access to, are the user registration and login pages, inbox and online chat templates, and a lock screen page. There’s also a number of ecommerce related templates for those that will be using Vuely to sell items online. Of course, if you need to, you can also create your own pages with this premium VueJS admin template. When creating your pages, you can populate them with the impressive selection of components, including the chart and graph widgets, the tables, stats, and other options.

The pre-built dashboard of Vuely has lots of user interface elements that can help make your project more usable for your audience. For example, the vertical sidebar can be easily hidden at the touch of a button. There’s also a menu item that lets your users quickly access the most frequently used pages and a fully functional search tool that makes it easy to find content inside your dashboard area. If your admin pages or dashboard will be used by an international audience, then the built-in multilingual support, including the ability to handle right-to-left languages, should come in handy. Vuely also has a language switcher widget that you can display on your pages to let your users choose from the available options.

Everything that this admin template has to offer can be previewed via the live demo on the Vuely website.

Xtreme Bootstrap Vue Admin Lite

Vue Black Dashboard Pro comes with light and dark versions as well as other customization options.

Thanks to the preset color configurations of Vue Black Dashboard Pro, you can use this template in either light or dark mode. Once you’ve made a decision, all of the page templates in the package will use that color mode. Therefore, if you want to create a dashboard with a dark color scheme, that’s easy on the eyes, Vue Black Dashboard Pro could be a good option.

If you want to carry out other customization work on your dashboard, you can quickly choose which color to use for the sidebar background display. You can also decide whether to display the navigation sidebar area in mini format or at a wider size. However, if you do opt for the mini mode, to help with usability, the sidebar will expand to reveal the menu text labels when a user hovers their cursor over the navigation pane.

As with many of the premium VueJS admin templates, you get a good range of pre-built page templates to help you create your dashboard. Some of the page templates that you get access to include the pricing page, timeline display, login and registration pages, and the user profile template. These templates are packed with useful components and you can also add more components to them from the library. If you choose Vue Black Dashboard Pro for your project, you would have access to buttons, alerts, notifications, and other components. Adding features like tables, graphs, maps, and forms to your pages is straightforward too. The selection of widgets gives you more options for populating your dashboard with useful elements, such as checklists, a calendar, and buy now buttons.

Vue Black Dashboard Pro has been built on the Bootstrap framework to ensure your pages are fully mobile responsive.

Xtreme Bootstrap Vue Admin