Free Wood Textures

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Looking for free wood textures packs? Here are some nice wooden textures for you. These textures can be used in vintage styled designs, desktop backgrounds, websites or anything else. So turn your design into an interesting masterpiece with these free texture packs. All these packs are easy to download and use. Go grab them all! You may also like:.

6 original photos of aged wood, that can be used as textures in vintage styled designs, desktop backgrounds or anything else. Use them to showcase your product or design and get full control over the PSD file.

Turn your design into an interesting masterpiece with these Free Grungy Cracked Textures. A collection of 8 high resolution brick wall textures. Feel free to use them for anything from wallpapers or backgrounds to any project that needs an urban feel. This one includes 6 new high quality original images you can use in your design projects or just as backgrounds or wallpapers. 3 Hi-res seamless wood textures, created from photographed materials and handpicked from bestselling packs. All files are 3000 x 3000 pixels at 300 dpi. Grab your free copy of this useful pack containing 3 different colors and texture for wooden purposes.

Red, light and black colors included in PNG and PSD formats. Useful in web pages and apps backgrounds. Second volume of vintage wood textures including 6 JPG images to use as backgrounds, wallpapers or anything you want. Give a natural look to your designs. Use this set for your personal or commercial projects.

Great for 3D patterns, backgrounds or any kind of presentation. A set of six high quality aged wood textures to use with your vintage style designs. This is the second volume of the curved wooden stages with 3 new high quality textures. Use them to showcase your product or design and get full control over the PSD file. This set comprises 9 high resolution wood panel textures.
All are 3264×2448 pixels large.You may use them in both commercial and personal projects. To celebrate our first wood texture collection, we prepared some extra stuff to share with our visitors for free.
All textures are made specifically for modern rendering engines like Corona Renderer or Vray.
Fully seamless and high resolution.
Old wooden planks have their own charm. They keep history in themselves. Just by taking a look at these pieces, you start making up stories in your head. We are happy to present you a collection of natural wooden planks textures derived from photos and carefully gathered in high-resolutions, so they look nice in your project. These textures are so inspiring that you won’t notice how you will finish your work. 50 seamless textures of this pack are finely detailed, right up to the appropriate point to where the size of the files doesn’t become an issue to work with. Download them and enjoy your creating process and the result!

Wood grain textures of this collection will make you feel like a woodcutter! High-quality, incredibly detailed, captivating — they give your projects such a natural look. That is why it’s always so hard to choose one. Don’t hesitate, just download all these wood textures at once.

This pack of 12 wooden vector textures is so inspirational that you won’t be able to postpone your work even for a second after downloading it. These seamless textures are fantastic for craft and art projects, such as making your own cards or prints. Combine them with other media such as photographs or illustrative elements to create unique effects. They also look good as a background for any text you need to write. Moreover, wooden textures of this pack have a great advantage — as they are vector and resolution-independent, you can scale them to any size required for your projects. You will love to work with them, trust us.
There’s nothing quite the look of genuine wood. So giving your next design an authentic country look with wood textures is always a good idea, do you share our opinion? We are happy to submit a collection of authentic wood grain textures. These finely detailed textures were derived from high-resolution photos of wood grain, wood planks, wood flooring, and wood paneling. The collection includes a variety of texture flavors, from subtle, to heavy with both Vector EPS and transparent PNG file formats for your convenience. Both formats have transparent backgrounds with the isolated texture itself colored dark grey. Impressive, inspiring, unique — that’s exactly what these seamless wooden textures are.
Need some high-resolution wooden textures? How about 25 of them? The wood-type textures collected in this pack are made from scans of real wood types. These textures are so detailed that they will give you the real letterpress feel you’ve always dreamed of. Their black and white colors give them a really unique look, and so will be your work. All block prints were scanned in as TIF’s from various sized blocks at 1200 dpi. The only thing you should do to make it shine in your art project is pair them with typefaces, clipart and logos of your own. Set your fantasy free and create something new and exciting.
Do you want to give your work a cozy, warm and calm vibe? Then you can stop scrolling and searching — this pack of wood grain textures is something you were looking for. This product contains 20 files of wooden textures, among which you will find a perfect piece for your current design project. It provides you with detailed close-up clipart of wood grain that are perfect for your next design piece. Whatever you are working on: presentation, logo, cards, or prints — a seamless wood texture will suit everything. There is no doubt that wooden textures will help you to complete your artwork in no time.
Unique patterns, color diversity and high resolution of images are waiting for you in this seamless wood texture collection. Featuring a variety of natural wood grains, these ten full-page textures deliver a raw, gritty look! Different colors, halftones and shades, lighter grains and heavier grains, there’s plenty of options to choose from in this premium collection. Both vector EPS and transparent PNG formats are included for your convenience and have transparent backgrounds with the isolated texture itself colored dark grey, but the color may be manually changed via your Adobe software of choice. This collection of wood pattern textures will be your new inspiration for your current art project.

Mysterious, charming, exquisite dark wood textures and backgrounds are always the right choice. Their colors and contrast make them irreplaceable in some modern art projects. Black, brown, grey and all their shades and halftones will help you design anything you like and make your project unique.

Sometimes you may want to try a different approach in design. If the concept of your project is nature-related, wood elements can fit in pretty nice and they are fundamentally suitable. This package will save you hours of your precious time. It provides you with 20 old rotten shabby worn rough wood textures suitable for various purposes such as illustrations, photos, designs tutorials or website layouts. High-resolution wooden textures and backgrounds give you, graphic designers, endless possibilities and make your designs look more elegant, attractive and memorable. Once you download this pack, you will receive 20 high-resolution JPEG files: 5616 x 3744px, 300DPI.
Soaked by hipster spirit and marked by retro vibes that passed by authentic depictions of old panels of wood crust with inherent them grunge and ancient cracked surface. Rustic style and abstract composition of decorative material set with its antique timber materials and ligneous noise structure with accurate depictions of wood knots and light beam. This vintage bark wood texture set skillfully evokes forest vibes with the beauty of trees and whole nature in general. Particular backdrops styled in rustic with flat images of woods snag, hardwood wall, parquet or carved timber with plank overlay are presented in brown, dark, mahogany and walnut colors.
Look at these genuine wooden backgrounds set that was designed with the purpose of styling your upcoming artwork with the cozy atmosphere of rural interior and feeling of warmth that goes with it. In the pack, you will find four unique textures with three color variations. These wood textures are great for web, desktop, presentation and product display backgrounds. Presented tree wallpapers are also perfect as an element of cozy exterior design for the showcase of your font or as decorative materials for the menu in the restaurant. Choose your favorite hardwood background and use it for your unique design.
Horizontal and vertical wooden planks, unique wooden patterns, and much more wait for you in this highest quality black wood background texture set. This collection will definitely help you in bringing all your creative ideas to life. You’ll find all black wood texture surfaces from classic lacquered to ordinary polished. Suitable for web & print, posters, flyers, cards, booklets, brochures, artworks, game designs, any kind of presentations, promotions, website backgrounds, or just wallpapers. The presented textures can be used as decor elements and create kitchen designs, as well. They are also suitable for decorating wrapping paper, decorating the background on a blackboard, or decorating greeting cards.
We are happy to share with you these 21 creative & unique textures and backgrounds in wood or wooden style for your new projects! These textures give out such a nice and warm feeling that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them. You can use them for everything: elements of exterior or interior design, presentations, background for your fonts, decorative materials, greeting or business cards, flyers, and so much more! High-resolution PNG images — 3000 x 3000 pix. This impressive, inspirational set of seamless wooden textures is a must for your design project.
We are pleased to introduce this amazing set of diverse wooden textures. Wood grain texture collection consists of 36 textures of wood grain gathered through the neighborhood. The types of wood range from normal timber and boards, to compressed wood chips, to rough, badly cut bits of wood. The textures range from a few gentle ones to majestic, well-defined grain to very intense abstract landscapes. This set includes 36 wood grain wooden textures and gives you boundless opportunities in the design field: you can use it as backgrounds for your logo, business and greeting cards, flyers, or for your website layouts. Don’t hesitate to download it!
This textures set is the one you were looking were. It contains everything you need to make your current art design project shine. 15 marble textures and 10 wooden textures are included in this lovely natural collection, and they are great for custom scenes as well as texturing objects. The high resolution of these textures makes them look unbelievably attractive. Use them however you want; they will look amazing everywhere! From business cards to backgrounds and layouts — these textures are so diverse and inspirational that you won’t be able to stop using them in your artworks. Check them out!
Have you ever noticed how wonderful all the diverse shades of white are? When people think of this color, one particular shade usually stands out in their mind: one that is pure and crisp, with no other hues or colors sneaking their way in. However, in reality, there are just as many shades of white as there are other colors. There are snow-white, greyish white, ivory, floral white, and much more. This collection of white wooden textures includes many shades of this color, so you’ll be able to find the one that suits your work the most. These textures will give your design a pure, clean, refreshing feeling.
Can you feel the magnetism literally shining through the worn paint of raw wooden textures? True, and we can’t wait to submit to you this set of high-resolution wooden textures. This pack includes 20 old worn rough backgrounds with three lighting effects and one photo effect great for your websites, landing pages, hero images, billboards, banners, flyers, posters and much more. These textures were originally sourced from photos of real surfaces for an authentic look and feel. A rustic wood background is and has always been a powerful visual tool so don’t hesitate to use it and give your work a modern look.
It’s all about wood! The Woody collection consists of 101 high-resolution, totally new and original wooden texture photos that are just perfect for your designs. The wooden texture set consists of old chopping boards from the forest of Alpine and Tuscany, from stockpiles of cut trees to exotic roofing tiles. Plain wood, curved wood, and everything you need and more. These old wood textures will look spectacular in every project: you can use them for mockups, prints, logotypes, signs, and various scenes. They will also look fantastic as backgrounds for your websites. You can stop scrolling here, download this set of wooden textures and enjoy the result in no time!
We want to submit this pack of high-resolution textures and backgrounds that give you, graphic designers, endless possibilities and make your designs look more elegant, attractive and memorable. This collection contains 18 old rough weathered wooden textures suitable for various purposes such as illustrations, photos, designs tutorials or website layouts. Once purchased, you will receive 18 high-resolution PNG files: 5616 x 3744 px. These weathered wooden backgrounds are perfect for designers who want to try something new in their artworks. Knowing that wood elements always give the whole work a warm and minimalistic feeling, download these textures and bring all your creative ideas to life.
Vintage style is never out of date. That’s why we want to present you this set of 12 vector grunge wood textures that are perfect to create stunning works in retro style. Individual texture files are available in both vector EPS and PNG format. Both formats have transparent backgrounds with the isolated texture itself colored black. These wooden textures are super easy to use, so you don’t need to waste your precious time trying to fit the textures in a proper way — spend it on bringing your art dreams to life. Vector grunge textures are especially helpful if you want to promote your graphic designs, logotypes, or illustrations.
Sometimes it is so hard to choose the right elements while working on your art project. If you were looking for a wooden texture but you’re not sure what exactly you want, this set is for you. There’s no chance you won’t find a suitable piece in the collection of 100+ ultra hi-res wood textures. These files are inspired by nature and were found in old barns, sheds and forests. They will give your design that natural or rustic feeling. The set includes images of wooden planks, fences, boards, old logs and many more from all over the world. Don’t hesitate and download it, there’s everything you may need.
There must be anything you like in your toolbox already. But how about adding some vector wood backgrounds? Seamless and all meticulously drawn, these wood & bark textures can be a perfect finishing touch to your designs. Here you’ll surely find something that suits your likings: from light and warm wood planks to tree stumps clipart.
This set of hand-illustrated vector wood textures is right what you were looking for. Inspired by unique tree patterns, it contains 20 textures that were drawn with a fine pen and brush pen. They can be used in various projects, arts, backgrounds, patterns and graphic elements. It is easy to change the colors of these nice vector textures and they are fully editable, so working with them will be enjoyable and fun. You can edit the files using compatible vector editors like Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, etc., and their high quality will make your artwork look photorealistic.
Let us share with you this fine collection of full-page wooden halftone textures. It delivers a fresh style by combining both woodgrain textures and halftones. It’s about time somebody pulled this off! Depending on the colors and fonts implemented, these wood textures offer a unique twist that can work perfectly on a modern design or a vintage design project. Regardless of whether you are designing with vector-intensive software like Illustrator or raster-based software like Photoshop, the formats you need are provided. The vector EPS format offers an infinitely scalable solution, while the crips transparent PNG format version of the files comes in at 48 MP size for each PNG.
We can’t wait to submit to you this premium set of woodcut textures which contains 18 unique vector wood grain textures and provides you with a wide variety of styles, including panels, planks, grains, reclaimed to finished surfaces. Each of these textures was generated from high-resolution photographs and are ideal for projects that require a large output. These vector textures are also great for masking through type to give your typography projects a rustic look. You can use them in any project: logo, greeting and business cards, backgrounds, or website layouts — and designs, complemented by these wooden textures won’t leave you indifferent. Download them and see for yourself.