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Getting smart with your small front garden ideas means you can offer a grand welcome to visitors using even the tiniest of plots. Just because your favorite garden ideas won’t fit in your space, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan, nurture and care for it. Not only is a front garden the first impression any visitor will have of your home, but it’s also a more rewarding space than you may think.

‘People need people,’ says garden designer Helen Elks-Smith, 'and for adults and children alike, front gardens have the potential to be a great way to meet neighbors and the wider community, and are often very social spaces.’ . ‘Having something to garden can be very welcome, and as the front and rear of a house will have different shade levels, it offers the opportunity to grow a different palette of plants.’ .

Whether you’re looking to make your front garden feel bigger, more welcoming, or even more private, we asked the experts for their tips, and sought out some stunning small front garden ideas to help make yours a space to be proud of. And, of course, you can use front garden ideas for spaces large and small to enhance your back garden, too.

Jazz Up Your Garden Walls

In small front garden ideas, making the most of space is everything – so strategize your planting to make sure there are no gaps at any time of year.

7. Ditch your narrow path to make a small front garden feel bigger

When considering how to plan a garden, Elks-Smith advises: ‘Small gardens work well if they have a single simple idea rather than trying to cram too much into it. 'Choose plants carefully, and select those that offer something in three seasons out of four.

If less, they need to have the wow factor and not leave big gaps. 'In small spaces, gaps tend to throw the composition out of balance. Bulbs are really useful for seasonal gaps and take up little space.’ .

5. Create interest with stepped levels

If planting space is really at a premium, think vertically for some of the best small garden ideas. ‘Drape the terraces and perimeter walls with vines, like jasmine and honeysuckle,’ suggests Mintee Kalra, landscape designer and Peruse co-founder. Vertical garden ideas, including climber plants, will cater for your floral desires by using your home's walls as a structure upon which to bloom.

In this example, plants wind their way up the walls of the house to provide a charming frame to the entrance. ‘Small front gardens do not need grass,’ says garden designer Rosemary Coldstream, who has plenty of alternative small front garden ideas. ‘Replace the lawn with plants, and create breathing space with lower plants and paved or gravel areas.

It is always a balance of ‘mass’ – the vertical plane of plants and structures – to the ‘void’, or horizontal plane, and you need both in varying amounts.’. ‘Carpets of Del Rio gravel in ¼ inch looks very chic, tailored and gives the eye a place to rest,’ adds Kalra.

9. Plant across three levels

‘For paths and front walkway ideas, work with a humble masonry like a reclaimed brick, but you can play with how it is applied. You can put it on edge, or do a pattern like herringbone to make it feel precious.’.

A key concern with any small front garden ideas is always maintaining a boundary between you and the (very nearby) outside world. ‘Privacy can be important,’ says Coldstream. ‘A wall or hedge defines the edge of the property, but also stops rubbish coming into the garden!’.

1. Ensure there are no planting gaps

You don’t, however, want to make that boundary too opaque. ‘Garden fence ideas in front gardens – as everywhere – can often look harsh, and are best softened with climbers and shrubs,’ says Elks Smith. ‘It’s even better to replace them with hedges, if space permits, which then become a haven for wildlife and an easy way to add much needed green to our street scene.’ .

For gardens that are short in length but feature a dramatic change in height, think about garden landscaping ideas that include stepped levels, making the most of flat planting opportunities.

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‘If you have a very steep front entrance then consider using a less direct path route to make the approach easy to walk up,’ says Coldstream. ‘Stepped borders or lawns are great for adding interest and work in with the steps.’.

‘Low maintenance is often interpreted as hard surfaces or grass,’ says Elks-Smith. ‘Hard surfaces need cleaning, sweeping and maintaining and lawns need cutting. What could be lower maintenance than a small tree or specimen shrub, underplanted with hard working ornamental grasses and seasonal bulbs?’ .

Potted trees are great ways to add greenery and vertical interest to your small front garden ideas, so consider the best trees for a small garden.

Garden Wall Ideas

Another low-maintenance option is topiary, which can be grown in a planter if required, and adds a sense of luxury to a small space. When planning a garden path, don’t be confined by the width of your front door – a skinny path will make a small garden feel smaller, so open it up and take inspiration from patio ideas.

‘Paths shouldn’t be too narrow, and leaving a bit of breathing space, such as an open area surrounded by plants, can help’, says Coldstream.

Small front garden ideas

‘A bench or a sculpture can also add interest while creating a focal point in small front garden ideas.’. ‘Don’t overcrowd the space, but also don’t leave completely blank.

Plants make a garden look bigger and disguising boundaries helps with this.’ . If your front garden really offers little more ground space than a path, or the majority of it needs to be used as a driveway, consider keeping your planting neatly contained and plant flowers in a pot.

8. Keep it compact with planters

Planters or pots placed on either the exterior window sills, below the sills, or either side of the doorway can brighten up even the tiniest of entrances, all while keeping your planting compact.

Small planters are also great for growing herbs, meaning you can get some practical benefits out of your small space too. When thinking about flower bed ideas in a garden, think in three dimensions – even in small front garden ideas. ‘Make sure the borders have three levels of planting – the tall shrubs and trees, mid-levels and perennials and lots of ground-cover to stop the weeds,' advises Coldstream.

3. No grass? Balance pebbles, planting and paving

'Choose flowering evergreen shrubs, such as hebes, that provide interest in every season and a once a year prune, or grasses which mostly need a spring cut-back or clean out.’. Don’t just plant up – plant up and over.

This stepped front garden features a stunning rose arch over the pathway, which adds another vertical level to the scheme and will create the sense of a journey through long garden ideas. Remember to check your local regulations to see if you need a planning or building permit to build a tall structure in your front garden.

If it’s not possible to erect an arch or you don’t have space, simply run climbers – roses or otherwise – via a trellis around your front door to create an all-encompassing floral welcome for visitors.

4. Soften fences with hedges and climbers

Just because your front garden is small, it doesn’t mean it deserves any less thought and attention than a larger one. Just as you would any other garden, think about focal points, variety, repetition, height and depth.

‘Create symmetry around the perimeter using minimal, restrained repetition of colors,’ recommends Kalra. ‘Then contrast the textures, patchworking three to four species for it to feel expansive. Centralize on one focus point, like a dwarf fruit tree, a single stem olive tree or even a natural stone carved fountain.’ .

‘A more formal garden – or a touch of it – often looks best,’ says Coldstream.

10. Create a floral archway

‘Make sure the entrance is clearly defined and symmetrical where possible. Planting or planters can frame the front door, while borders next to the house soften architecture and provide drainage. Planting should have a rhythm and repetition to it so it leads you to the entrance.’.

There are many small front garden ideas and tricks you can use to make your space feel welcoming, larger, or even cozier. Think about seasonality, use of space, and how much of the outside world you want to let in.

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‘A hedged green perimeter wall will immediately anchor the space by cocooning it,’ says Kalra. ‘Add a natural stone carved trough with a low bubbling water to drown out any sound. It will make the garden feel very private.’.

‘Ditch any lawn and plant well, with a good path and entrance delineation,’ recommends Coldstream. ‘Be as colorful or subdued as you like, but include lots of evergreens so the garden looks good even in the depths of winter. You want to feel calm, happy and uplifted coming home at any time of the year.

2. Climber plants add impact without taking up ground space

Design it so it achieves this for you.’ . Create a relaxing area shaded from intense sunlight with a garden pergola from GardenSite. These are deceptively simple structures but will prove to be an important addition to your garden whether attached to the house or freestanding on the lawn or a similar open space.

Your pergola, with a canvas or slatted roof, will be perfect to shade a terrace, extending your living space by creating a pleasant area where loungers or a table and chairs can be placed and where you will enjoy the dappled sunshine, perhaps additionally refreshed by a summer breeze.

6. Pick statement topiary for low maintenance luxury

Whether it’s metal or timber framed, you’ll discover plenty of ideas of how best to use these wonderful pergolas whose presence will add interest to any location especially when decorated by climbing plants. There are many traditional and innovative designs to choose from, metal pergolas with a canvas covering can be quickly assembled for occasional use while the timber pergolas will quickly become a very inviting garden structure.

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What can I do with a small front garden?

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How do you make a small front garden look nice?

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11. Garden Wall Paint

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13. Low Garden Wall

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20. Garden Wall Fence

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7. Small Garden Wall

or its affiliates. A front garden wall can create a backdrop for something much more interesting. Here white trunked trees stand out against the darker wall and bring height, whilst box balls add lower interest. Simple and effective, this creates a low maintenance front garden wall design.

A blank fence doesn’t have to be boring. This personalised tree design brings a wooden fence alive and is low cost too. A paint spray and stencil are all that’s required.

6. Rendered Garden Wall

It looks good on both sides of the fence so you can wow the passers-by. A garden wall with natural stone cladding looks expensive and will last for years, but it’s simply done with cement, cladding stones, and a bit of patience.

  • The textured surface can simply be kept clean with a scrubbing brush or power washer. A garden wall is perfect for wall covering ivy. A thin wire framework screwed into the bricks or fence line gives quick-growing ivy a firm grip. Ivy is beneficial for pollinators in late winter and early spring when it flowers in a bloom-free garden.
  • Not good with plants? Try artificial ivy. Modern products can look almost as good as the real thing. A boring garden wall or fence can be blinged up with a few décor ideas. An old stepladder is the perfect shelf for plants or quirky ornaments – and who doesn’t love bunting?
  • Bunting is easy to make from scraps of material or plastics and if you have some fence paint lying around why not pick out a few panels? This gives a more subtle touch than a full-on paint job. Rendering is perfect for garden walls that aren’t smooth.

26. Garden Wall Trellis

By adding cement rendering and coloured masonry paint you can create an insta-worthy wall in a day.

Choose soothing colours or bright and cheerful to suit your taste. This one even has a dado rail – bring the indoors outside and create an extra room for your home. If you need a small garden wall, maybe a divider between your wildlife area and seating area, then gabions are a great choice. They can be built as high as you need and are great for wildlife – hibernating pollinators in particular. The stones look even better when it rains so what could be more perfect for a British garden?

Brick walls are great for security but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. This brick wall is made from odd-shaped stones with a row of red bricks on top.