Generac Complaints And Recalls

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  • If you or a loved one was injured by a Generac generator, you should contact our law firm immediately.
  • You may be entitled to compensation by filing a Generac Generator Class Action Lawsuit and we can help.
  • Please click the button below for a Free Confidential Case Evaluation or call us toll-free 24 hrs/day by dialing (866) 233-3784.
  • This CPSC Recall began on July 29, 2021, and affects:.
6500 watt and 8000 watt Generac portable generators with unit type numbers XT8000E, XT8000EFI, GP6500, GP6500E, GP8000E.

HomeLink 6500E portable generators. DR models PRO 6500M and PRO 6500E portable generators. “Generac has received eight reports of injuries, seven resulting in finger amputations and one in finger crushing,” CPSC said.

Affected generators were sold online and at major home improvement and hardware stores nationwide including Ace Hardware, Amazon, Blain’s Farm & Fleet, City Electric Supply, Costco, Do it Best, Fastenal, Home Depot, Lowe’s Stores, Napa Auto Parts, Northern Tool & Equipment, Orgill, Power Equipment Direct, Ravitsky Bros., True Value, and W.W.

Grainger from June 2013 through June 2021 for between $790 and $1,480.

Consumers who purchased a recalled generator should stop using it immediately, unless the locking pin has been inserted to secure the handle in place before and after moving the generator, and contact Generac for a free repair kit.

Customer Complaints Summary

The CPSC Recall Number for this item is 21-173. Echo Generator Recall: July 14, 2021 – One World Technologies Inc. recalled about 3,700 ECHO EGi-2300 Watt Generators which can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards to consumers. Powerhouse Generator Recall: February 24, 2021 – Northern Tool & Equipment Company Inc. recalled about 3,640 Powerhorse 13000ES Portable Generators that have a wiring error which can result in an electrical shock to users. Westinghouse Generator Recall: September 17, 2020 – MWE Investments recalled potentially defective Westinghouse Dual Fuel Portable Generators that can leak fuel, posing a fire and burn hazard. The Class Action Litigation Group at our law firm is an experienced team of trial lawyers that focus on the representation of plaintiffs in Generac Generator Lawsuits.

We are handling individual litigation nationwide and currently accepting new injury cases in all 50 states.

If you or a loved one was injured by a recalled generator, you should contact our law firm immediately.

You may be entitled to a settlement by filing a suit and we can help.

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A power outage can happenanytime, anywhere.

Fortunatelyfor you, we have an easysolution: Select from the mostreliable lineup of Generacgenerators today!

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Generac generators are some of the best generators on the market today.

They are a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses.

With so many different models to choose from, there is a perfect one for every homeowner.

The manufacturer offers both portable and standby models.

Both options can be helpful during power outages or when you need to power up your business, home, or meet outdoor power demands.

However, sometimes the Generac generator won’t start up correctly, which is frustrating!

The malfunctioning could be because of several reasons, including low oil levels, a clogged fuel cap vent, or even a dirty air filter.

So, how do you get back your Generac generator into its best state?

Read on to learn how to troubleshoot a Generac generator.

Every generator brand has its quirks, and Generac generators are no different.

Here are some of the most common problems people experience with their Generac generators:.

The generator won’t start.

If your Generac generator doesn’t turn on, it may be due to a low oil level.

The cause of this could be that you haven’t checked the oil in quite some time, or there is an issue with the dipstick or gauge readings.

To check if the engine has enough oil for operation:.

Unscrew the oil tank and check the oil level using the modified lid as a dipstick.

Wipe it clean and reinsert it to check the oil level.

Make sure you check both sides of the stick.

There should be oil on both ends; check the oil mark by looking at the readings on the dipstick.

If oil is not visible, the engine is low on oil.

Top up using recommended oil before you try to restart the generator again.

Other areas to check when a Generac generator does not start are:.

Loose connections: Clean and tighten any loose connections on the generator.

You can also remove the ground terminal from the generator’s frame to check if it is corroded.

Generator’s safety lock switch: Inspect the safety interlock switches and ensure they are not bent.

You can also test the effectiveness of the safety lock switch using a multimeter.

Recoil starter: This part is responsible for engaging the crankshaft to start the engine.

A defective recoil starter will not engage the crankshaft as it is required.

This means the generator will not start.

Inspect the recoil starter by removing the starter assembly and checking whether it is working correctly.

Pull the starter rope and check whether it will make the engine turn.

Release the rope and check whether the tab will retract and unwind the rope back on the pulley.

If it doesn’t make the engine turn or rewind the rope, the recoil starter is defective and requires rebuilding or a replacement.

Carburetor: The carburetor can easily clog. If you store your generator with fuel for a long period, some of the elements in the fuel evaporate, leaving a dense substance. This thick substance can clog the carburetor and prevent the generator from starting.

You can restore a clogged carburetor by cleaning it using a carburetor cleaner. If this doesn’t help, you may need a technician to rebuild it or replace the clogged carburetor with a new one.

Spark plugs: Inspect the spark plugs for signs of wearing out. If you find the porcelain insulator on the spark plug is damaged, cracked or accumulated carbon on the electrode, the spark plugs won’t work. You can test the effectiveness of a spark plug using a spark plug tester. If the spark plug does not produce any sparks when testing it, then it’s defective and you’ll need to replace it.
Spark plugs are vital in the starting of any generator.
If the spark plugs are faulty in any of your Generac generators, the generator will not start.
In some cases, the generator may start and shut down almost immediately but with a crackling sound.
Ignition coil: This part is responsible for sending voltage to the spark plug once the engine starts running.

Need to file a complaint? BBB is here to help. We’ll guide you through the process.

When you have a defective engine coil, the engine may fail to start. However, before you rush to replace the engine coil, you must ascertain that the spark plug is in its perfect condition. Proceed to test the effectiveness of the ignition coil using an ignition tester. If it’s defective, the generator cannot run without an ignition coil; proceed to replace it. Flywheel key: A small key fixed into the crankshaft to engage the flywheel.

This key may break into two if your generator stops running suddenly. A broken flywheel key may cause inconsistencies when starting your generator.

  • You can inspect a broken flywheel key by removing the flywheel from the engine.
  • If you ascertain the flywheel key is broken, you will need to replace it.
  • The engine runs rough or makes strange noises. If the engine is running rough or making strange noises, it could be a dirty air filter, clogged carburetor, and faulty spark plugs.
  • To troubleshoot:. Check on the carburetor and the spark plugs as detailed in the above section.
  • Fuel filter: The generator can rough or make strange noise if the chainsaw runs poorly.
  • This is one of the signs of a clogged fuel filter.