Generac Dealer Near Me

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If you’ve ever said, “Help! I need a Generac Dealer Near Me!”, Anderson Power Services is the leading Generac Generator expert in the Southeastern U.S.

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If you’re looking for the South’s #1 Generac Generator distribution, installation, & maintenance company, you came to the right place. Anderson Power has all the whole home, commercial, and industrial generator services you need, as well as solar power, hybrid, and EV solutions. When you need a “Generac Dealer Near Me,” trust the experience and expertise of Anderson Power Services.

Residential Generator Installation & Maintenance

You won’t find a more complete Generac Generator dealer near you than Anderson Power Services. We’ve been installing the #1 Whole House Generators in the world since 1995, and our track record proves our success. When you need to keep the lights on at home, don’t trust your backup power solutions to anybody else than Generac Generators and Anderson Power. We help you keep your family safe and protected, even through the storms.

Commercial Generator Installation & Maintenance

If you own or operate one of the growing number of businesses who need commercial standby generator services, our professionals have the experience, expertise, and manpower to handle the installation & maintenance of any commercial generator installation needs you have, regardless of the size or scope of project. If you want power when you need it most, trust the tandem of Generac Generators and Anderson Power Services.

Industrial Generator Installation & Maintenance

A power outage for an industrial facility could be devastating and even deadly for hundreds or even thousands of people. Whether you’re talking manufacturing plants, electric EMC and cooperative facilities, water and wastewater utilities, or any other industrial facility that needs to keep things running at full capacity in the case of power grid failure, Anderson Power and Generac Generators have the industrial generator solutions you need.

Solar Power Solutions

You probably know that 70% of all the whole home generators sold around the world are Generac Generators. But you might not know that Generac is the fastest growing manufacturer of solar power and battery backup solutions, as well as hybrid solar power solutions. If you’d like to see what expert level solar power installation & maintenance can do for you, call Anderson Power Services today! Free on-site assessments.

Car Charging Stations

Anderson Power has jumped the ranks as the leading regional expert for car charging station installation and maintenance. Whether you’re looking for EV charging stations at home, at your place of business, in a parking garage, or at a communal location, our experts have the tools and know-how to get your electric car charging stations up and running quickly and efficiently.

No Other Generac Dealer Offers Full-Service Installation Quite Like Anderson Power Services

By this point, you probably know you need an emergency standby generator for your home or business. When the next power outage happens, you don’t want to be caught in the dark. The needs of Southern residents vary from region to region. North Georgia residents might focus on keeping the heat on during winter storms. South Georgia and North Florida residents might focus on keeping the A/C running. Whether you’re looking to keep your security systems operating, your computer network, your entertainment system, your refrigerator, your hot water heater, a medical ventilator, the lights, or anything else running, a properly installed generator can do the trick.

Don’t Be Left in the Dark! Anderson Power Services Is the “Generac Dealer Near Me” for You!

Every responsible homeowner or business owner wants to make sure they aren’t literally left in the dark when the power blinks. What’s worse is when you’re left in the dark by a company who is far more willing to sell you a generator than to make sure it actually works when you need it to! Call Anderson Power Services today for your Generator Installation! In another area in or around the State of Georgia? Check out our other locations, and the areas we cover. Or just contact us via email or the contact form on this site, or give us a call! Anderson Power can get your generator going, and help keep your home or business going through any circumstances!

Top Generator Products from Your #1 Southeastern Generac Dealer Near Me – Anderson Power Services

Anderson Power Services can supply, distribute, install, repair, or maintain your home or industrial generators. We carry the best generator products from the best generator maker in the world: Generac Generators! We specialize in all types of permanently installed residential generators, including the Guardian 18kW Air-Cooled, the Guardian 22kW Air-Cooled, and the Quietsource 27kW Water or Air-Cooled models. We provide installation and maintenance services for every Generac commercial or industrial generator product, from 60kW generators to custom-built generator systems for powerhouse applications. Whatever backup standby generators you’re looking for to meet your residential or commercial needs, Anderson Power Services can supply, install, repair, and maintain your generator for as long as you own it! Protect your home, your business, your property, and your people with Emergency Generator Products.

Need a “Generac Dealer Near Me” Who Offers Maintenance & Service? Call Anderson Power

What good would it be to buy a big diesel truck and park it in the garage for 4 years? What if you never cranked it? Could you honestly be surprised if you suddenly needed to use the truck, but the engine wouldn’t turn over? You might be surprised, or even a little upset. But you probably shouldn’t. After all, you brought this on yourself. Proper maintenance on your whole home or business industrial generator is very similar to owning a diesel truck. You need to crank it every once in a while. You need to check the electrical system. You need to take it for a little test drive. That’s the only way to really tell if you could take in on a long trip. Anderson Power Services can repair your broken generator, perform warranty services on your generator, and properly maintain your home or business generator. Anderson Power can help you be sure your generator will work when you need it most. GENLINK Remote Monitoring is one of the amazing ways Anderson Power can keep tabs on your Generac Generator.

Imagine if the human body could send signals, electronically, right to your smartphone, or to your Doctor’s inbox, anytime that something was funky. How great would that be? Well, the newest Generac Generators have basically that exact mode of operation inherently inside their mainframe! Potential and On-Going Problems can relay a signal right to you, or your Anderson Power technician. Contact us about Premier Maintenance packages with Remote Monitoring!

Need Help? Get Financing Options from the South’s Top Generac Dealer – Anderson Power Services

A whole-home or business industrial generator is a big investment. Just like any good or service that’s designed to protect your family and your property for long-term situations, you might have decided it’s more important to get your protection in place as soon as possible. If you know you need a permanent generator, and you’re interested in financing options, your friends at Anderson Power Services are quite experienced in all of Generac’s latest financing options. If you’d like to know more about Generac’s outstanding financing options, or you’re still researching the best ways you can help prepare yourself, your family, or your business for the next powerless catastrophe, call your local Anderson Power Services service tech! Our representatives can walk you through Generac’s special financing options. See if you qualify today and get started on securing your Emergency Power Solutions!