Generac Generators Reviews

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Generac is heralded for having a reliable, world-class brand that continues to win people over.

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Generac Generators Reviews

Generac Generator Reviews

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Best Generac Generator

Whether it is the ability to toggle between modes or having the ability to look at a gorgeous LED control panel, the options are endless and that is what makes it a fascinating addition to any setup.

The inverter generator has been designed to offer an all-in-one solution for those who need a portable option that's readily available throughout the day.

Generac for Power

    • With a run time of 7.7 hours (25% load), it is able to offer quite a bit of value right away.
    • Users can quickly toggle between three modes (Standard/Economy/Turbo) to make sure they are getting just the right amount of power during the process.
    • A major advantage associated with this specific Generac inverter generator would have to be the noise production.
    • The average user is going to want to make sure they are not polluting the area with too much noise and that's where this shines.


It is one of the more quiet generators being sold under this category and that is something the brand is known for.

For those who want to get even more power without having to find a new generator, it is possible to take advantage of the generator's parallel capabilities.

This means you can grab another IQ2000 and hook it unison with this one for double the power.

A single unit is able to offer 1600 watts (running power) and 2000 watts (surge power).