Generac Home Generators Customer Reviews

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First... understand that other than alternator (i.e., electric generator portion) of this 24KW unit is identical to the 22KW unit, sharing the same engine, exterior housing etc. If you've read the thousand plus reviews for the 22KW Generac unit you already know its a winner. NET: By default the 24KW unit is as well so I saw no need to write up another glowing review.
As mentioned the Generac 22KW and 24KW use the exact same engine, the added power output of the 24KW comes from having a larger generator assembly so... because the 24KW unit outputs more power, in theory the engine should not have to work as hard as one in a 22KW unit to produce the same amount of power.
Anyway... after a thorough home investigation and sizing performed by an authorized Generac sales representative, it showed a 22KW generator would suffice for my home. So, did I need a 24KW unit. No! But …. for only about $200 more I'd have been crazy not to go for the new 24KW model, plus the bottom line cost is offset even more because I'll need fewer Energy Management modules (load shedding devices you'll learn about from the Generac rep) Going with the 24KW was a win-win. It’s the same exact size as the 22KW unit (not physically larger in anyway), the 24KW unit provides more head room meaning less worry about over taxing my generator and I’ll have the extra power available if I ever need it.