Generac Power Cell Cost

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The Generac PWRcell battery bank is designed for use with both grid-tied and off-grid solar systems.

It comes in four sizes and can provide up to 18 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of usable electricity. Homeowners looking for a way to reduce their households’ dependency on municipal electricity and cut back on monthly bills should seriously consider investing in a Generac system.

Before they pull out their checkbooks, though, most homeowners want to know what to expect in terms of investment. Read on to find out about generac power cell cost, benefits, drawbacks, and more.

Before deciding on any particular battery or backup system, keep an open mind and consider all the possibilities, including the PWRcell battery bank. Cost for the Basic Package. The most affordable Generac PWRcell battery bank is the PWRcell M3. Prices start at $9,999 for this battery module, which features three interconnected batteries capable of producing up to nine kWh of continuous power.

All Generac PWRcell battery banks, including the PWRcell M3, also come with a storage cabinet, inverter, and other essential accessories.

They can be connected to the grid and used to store power for emergencies or hooked up to solar panels to store electricity for night-time use. System Upgrades. Generac’s battery banks feature a modular design.

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How PWRcell compares to other top home batteries

Homeowners can install a basic system, then add more storage capacity as needed should they find that their families, or their budgets, have grown.

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The Generac PWRcell system is capable of supporting up to six batteries. The largest model, the PWRcell M6, can provide up to 18kWh of continuous power.

How does the Generac PWRcell work?

Although 18 kWh of electricity is sufficient to meet most modern households’ needs, Generac has also taken steps to accommodate more power-hungry households and businesses.

Can you go off-grid with Generac PWRcell?

Property owners can install a second battery storage cabinet and connect it to the first to house up to 12 batteries and provide up to 36kWh of power.