Generac Power Cell System Cost

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Generac PWRcell. Generac PWRcell battery storage systems capture and store electricity from solar panels or the electric grid. The stored energy can be used off-grid during outages, during night time, or during peak demand times when the cost of utility power is at its highest, saving money on electric bills.

Generac PWRcell is a modular storage system that includes lithium batteries, a battery storage enclosure cabinet, a hybrid solar inverter, and the PWRview app for monitoring. PWRcell is compatible with any type of solar panel. PWRcell can be upgraded with additional battery modules when energy requirements change.

The system is customizable, and can expand up to 40 kWh of battery storage for 34.2 kWh of useable power at 80% discharge. Each single-phase, hybrid inverter can handle up to 10kW of single-phase PV DC solar input or up to 15kW three-phase PV AC solar input.

The inverter can deliver up to 8kW continuous AC output power with up to 10kW AC power burst.

PV solar is the least expensive power source on the planet today. And PWRcell battery technology means that you can use no fossil fuels to power the home. PWRcell energy storage system and lithium battery modules are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Choose from one of these bundled systems, or view all the Generac PWRcell Components to build your own energy storage system. The PWRcell Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) allows you to power the entire home without sub-panels and re-wiring circuits.

Do more backup with less battery.

Better than load-shedding, PWRcell load management simply pauses large loads like hot-water heaters and HVAC when the essentials need more power. The PWRcell Inverter provides up to 11,000W of continuous backup power, or 9,000W with a single PWRcell battery. PWRcell “EX” battery modules feature a full 3.0kWh of energy capacity and a greater tolerance for hot and cold conditions.

Get more power for longer durations with the EX battery module. In 2019, Generac acquired battery manufacturer Pika Energy, and has since integrated their technology into the launch of their own Generac-branded home storage solution: the Generac PWRcell. Having long been a leader in the backup power space, Generac is now moving into clean energy and energy storage, with the PWRcell line of batteries at the forefront of their new product fleet.

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The content of this blog is based on research and information available at the time of writing. Learn more about our mission and how we make money as a company. The Generac PWRcell starts at a base price of $9,900 before installation. The PWRcell comes in four sizes, ranging from 9 to 18 kWh of capacity and 4.5 to 9 kW of power.

You may need a few PWRcell batteries to truly go “off the grid”. A qualified EnergySage-approved installer can give you the best information about the Generac home battery system and other energy storage options available to homeowners today.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the PWRcell battery system – skip down to any section here:. The Generac PWRcell pairs well with solar panel systems, especially if your utility has reduced or removed net metering, introduced time-of-use rates, or instituted demand charges.

Installing a storage solution like the Generac PWRcell with a solar energy system allows you to maintain a sustained power supply during day or night, as long as you store enough power from your solar panels when the sun is shining.

As with many other home battery products, the Generac PWRcell is sized for day-to-day use at your home and is primarily designed to be paired with a solar panel system. When your solar panels produce more electricity than you can use in your home, you can store the excess electricity in the battery system instead of sending it back into the grid.