Generac Service Dealers Near Me

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I had a Generac installed within the last few months, so here's what I learned:1) It's going to take a LONG time to go from signed contract to actual installation. It was about six months until the physical generator was delivered, and then several weeks more until it was connected to the gas line and electrical panel. 2) Make sure you talk to your gas company to confirm the pressure is suitable for the generator you want to have installed. I had a scare midway thru the process when they thought they would have to replace the gas line from the street to provide enough to power the generator. Fortunately that didn't happen, because it would have added several thousand dollars to what was already a really expensive project. As it was, they had to upgrade the gas meter, which was a free service by my provider. 3) Start looking for property surveys for the permitting process.

There was nothing on file with our city so I had to pay for a survey to be done in order to obtain the necessary permits for installation. 4) I wouldn't worry about adding Wifi or mobile remote access to the generator if you have any smart home or security devices accessible by app. I have a Ring alarm system, so if I'm away and get a notification that Ring is running on battery backup, I'll know the generator isn't functioning.