Generac Standby Generator Reviews

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Have you ever faced a blackout, and thought to yourself for the hundredthtime, that you need to buy a generator now?
Original review: March 1, 2022

I tried to get a quote from Generac generators. The appointment was scheduled & no one showed up or called. They are the worst in taking care of a new customer. I give them an "F." When I called to find out why no one showed up, it was because they may to pull a permit to install which is normal where I am located. I only wanted a quote, not an install. What kind of jokers does generac give their business to. I am done with them.

And yet, you somehow procrastinatedthat time, too, simply because you were not aware of which generator would suityour needs.
Well, not anymore! Our best Generac Generator reviews guide will help youchoose the perfect device for you.
Original review: Jan. 21, 2022

I was told that I had to have one of their contractors to install to get the 7 year warranty. When I called to check on the warranty after the installation I did not get a answer. When I finally got to talk to someone I was told that I had to buy the generator from one of their distributor electrical contractors and have it installed by them. I bought the generator from somewhere other than them so I do not have a seven year warranty. I want anyone that wishes to save money and have a warranty not to purchase a GENERAC generator.

Whether it be for providing backup power supply to a dark house, or for acamping trip, or to get going on an RV, no one can underestimate the power ofgenerators.

This review and buying guide will help you understand in moredetail exactly what you need for your use.

How to Choose the Best Generac Generator?
Original review: Dec. 7, 2021

I bought a 22kw stand by Generac Generator from an installation company in November of 2020. In August of 2021 the power went out for the first time since purchasing. The generator ran and I had power. Then a service tech came out to do a scheduled warranty service and said the motor doesn't sound right. It turns out that the tab on a spark plug was broken off and banging around in the cylinder. Generac ok'd a new motor. It's now December 6th, my power is out, and still no word on the new motor. That's over three months now.

Best Generac Portable Generator Reviews. Best Generac Whole House Standby Generator. Generac is a trusted name in the world of generators. They come with all sorts and types of generators, and it is your job to understand which one would best suit your needs. Therefore, use this following list as a guide and consider these factors while investing in one. The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is power.

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Generators are usually sold specified by how much power they provide, or watts.
First, you need to make a list of how many devices and appliances you plan on using in connection with the generator and then determine the ideal watt you would like.
Original review: Dec. 1, 2021

The solar batteries are extremely limited in that it can't support an hvac system, which most solar batteries can handle with ease. However, if you have an additional 15,000 dollars you can achieve it. But why waste the money when other companies can do it cheaper.

Or you can use the generator watt calculator.
For instance, if you are using the generator for your camping trip and only need to use a few devices along with it, you can do with one that is ranged between 1500 to 3000 watts.
Original review: Oct. 21, 2021

I have purchased several Generac generators and I have just had my first complication. The generator at my main residence is a 16kw about a year and a half old. During the last outage the motor suffered a catastrophic failure. I called to find a service tech who came out and verified that it was in fact DOA. Generac approved a motor replacement and assured me that it would be expedited. Four weeks later and I have no motor. My service tech and I have both reached out to my Generac representative with no response via email or phone. I am without power once again as it has become a standard event. I have no backup generator which means no water as I am on a well. Generac is only concerned with selling generators. They have no interest in service or warranty after the sale. Do yourself a big favor and buy a different brand. It's not if if you will have a problem, it's when and you will be on your own.

However, if you need a backup system for your whole home, you should invest in something that goes up to 10kW, at least.
There are three main types of Generac generators – portable, inverter, and home standby.
Original review: Oct. 13, 2021

Purchased a stand alone 10kw Generac generator in 2013. In August 2021 home power went out. Noticed blue smoke pouring from generator that had turned on. Dealer came and after 1.5 hours determined the motor had gone bad. Generator had a total of less than 20 service hours since 2013. I have riding lawnmowers older than this generator that run well. Now I have to pay for a new motor that is not here as of October. I have since noticed generator companies with a 10 year warranty and 24/7 service.

You first need to determine what you are going to use the generator for.
Portable and inverter generators are pretty great for using in trips and tailgating.
Original review: Aug. 31, 2021

We had a Breather Gasket oil leak on our 11KW generator. The cause was the 2 bolts vibrated loose after less than 3 years. Generac wouldn’t cover the repair even though this is a common problem. The fix was a kit with gasket and 2 new bolts with thread lock on them. This problem was stated in the directions for the kit so Generac knows this is a common manufacturing problem. I think it should have been a recall. Generac’s reason for not covering it was our warranty for everything except the power part of the engine had expired. It seems they look for any way to not back their warranty.

The portable generators are also usually quite easy to carry around and do not emit as much sound like the others.
On the other hand, a home standby generator is ideal as a backup to your housing power system.
Original review: Aug. 27, 2021

We just had our home generator installed. We called to make sure we had our free 7 year extended warranty. We found out in order to qualify for the free warranty we would have had to initiate the sale through their website or through a special telephone number. Unfortunately, we contacted a local Generac Dealer who came out and assessed our needs, and gave us a quote for installation. We ordered the unit. The response this morning was...." needed to originate from the website not contact the dealer yourself." I am incredibly annoyed. They are warrantying their process not their product. We were warned that Generac was a good product but their customer service, business unit was terrible. Beware. Hopefully, it will work when we need it.

These usually come in aluminum enclosures, and cannot be moved around.
Look for some extra features that come along with your device.
Original review: Aug. 16, 2021

July 2021 decided to have installed a standby generator. Contacted Generac and was supplied local vendors. Screened out 1-3 via BBB. Contacted one. Was told only do large system not smaller. Contacted 2 more of 1 came to house. Same story. Contacted Generac who stated 26 vendors my area call another and sent same company that originally told me only do top size systems. I then contacted customer service to ask why they did not require vendors to install more than 2 types units or have a list of what who only installs. Never heard back. They then sent me a survey review of my customer service. Really! Bottom line unless you want to spend $14-16K. Or can find a back door service guy Goodluck. They lost me as a customer. Sad to say since I was originally from WI Generac HQ.

For example, if it has an LCD display and a user-friendly interface that shows its various indicators, then it is pretty much easy for you to keep up with its maintenance and power use.
Look for models that are easy to move around (if portable), compact, and can be stored easily.
Original review: Aug. 16, 2021

We have tried unsuccessfully to get our generator serviced. We reached out to multiple companies that handle the service work that are authorized and none of them are able to have Generac work with them to get this fixed. After talking to several authorized dealers it appears this is a systemic problem. I'm not sure if they sold more generators than they can handle but what once was a great company is no longer. We have a $4500 brick!

A model that uses True Power Technology is also a plus, as that means it can be connected with sensitive appliances as well.