Generac Whole House Generators Propane

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If you are purchasing a propane generator, one of the most important determinations is the power requirement of your home and your most critical large appliances. Air conditioning, sump or well pumps, medical devices, electric water heaters and, if you live in a cold area, portable space heaters will probably have the highest power draw and be the most essential appliances during an outage.

Often, propane generator manufacturers will have an online wattage calculator to help you add up your most essential appliances to find the perfect propane generator for your home. If you want to calculate this number yourself, you can add up the “starting watts” listed on the wattage rating label of your most essential appliances.

If your appliance does not list “starting watts”, take the “running watts” and multiply that number by three. Once you have the total number of starting watts, multiply that number by one and a half to create an adequate margin of safety. Most small to medium size U.S. homes average a minimum of 5,000 to 7,500 for critical appliances, so most propane standby or backup generators will be sold with an output of 9,000 to 20,000 watts.