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There is a need to download the OVF, vmdk, or VMware image for Kerio Connect Virtual Appliance. A virtual appliance is designed for usage in VMware products. It includes the Debian Linux (kernel version 3.16) operating system and the Kerio Connect package already preinstalled.

The selected Deployment type is Virtual. The processes in this article apply to theDebian Edition of Kerio Connect 7.3.xand later.


  1. Starting fromKerio Connect 9.2.8 Patch 1, Virtual Appliance is no longer distributed as a standalone package.
  2. Follow these steps to download the older versions of Kerio Connect Virtual Appliance:. Go to the Kerio Download Archive. SelectKerio Connect 9.2.8.
  3. The required download file was obtained and the deployment process can be started.


Kerio Outlook Connector is now downloaded, as seen in the below screenshot with the .exe file download.

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