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What is Google Input Tools Nepali?

Most of us Nepali dream of expressing our views and words in Nepali Language i.e.

Devanagari script both online and offline. And the age-old practice of using Preeti font (generically speaking!) still persist, while such traditional Nepali fonts are supported only on the desktop applications and not on the Internet or website. Say, you can’t write your Facebook status in Preeti font or Himali fontasy. In this tutorial, we will guide you how to type in Nepali Unicode easily on your PC (offline) or the web. Although there are many Unicode converters (Preeti to Nepali Unicode converters!) out in web, they only allow users to type and convert on their website – meaning we are bound to stay on those converter websites or tools and then switch between the programs to copy and paste the conversion to our desired website or App. But the technology has been improving and offering us new and innovative services day by day, and here the topic we are discussing today is all about Google Input Tools which allows us how to type Nepali easily and everywhere (NO NEED TO VISIT ANY UNICODE CONVERTER SITE AND DO COPY PASTE), since this app automatically converts every word we type into Nepali.

Type in Nepali Unicode Using Google Input Tools

Here are few steps to help you install Google Input Tools (earlier was called Google Transliteration IME) so that one can type in Nepali Unicode seamlessly in any software applications on your computer.

Nepali Unicode vs Nepali Fonts

To download Google Input tools you need to visit the above given URL (Link). In that link you can see following page:. After you get there check the Choose your languages box on the right side. Tick Nepali language and also don’t forget to tick in I agree to Google…. and click download. If you don’t got what I am trying to explain then Take a look at the image below:.

Got Everything Right Up-to here?

then lets move to New Step. In the above step we reached up-to download button.

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