Google Type In Tamil

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Best online English to Tamil Typing Software With Easy Google Based Keyboard and Free To Do List With Countdown Timer.

What is TYPE IN TAMIL ? TYPE IN TAMIL is a free transliteration tool. Using this app you can type your text in English and get the text converted to Tamil language. You can share the transliterated text through SMS, Email, Chat or Social Media. Is TYPE IN TAMIL similar to translation?

This app does Transliteration, not translation. That means, if you type in English as 'Vanakkam' you get the same message as 'வணக்கம்' in Tamil. Why do I need this app? There is no greater joy in the world than in sharing our thoughts and feelings in our mother tongue. But, the device keyboard is not of great help in doing this.

This app - TYPE IN TAMIL - comes to your rescue and helps you to communicate with your world in your language. Communication in your language brings you closer to your people !Can I send messages in Tamil by SMS and Email ? After typing your message, share the converted text through Email, Chat, Social Media, or SMS, using the Share button.How do I post Tamil messages in Facebook.

WhatsApp and Twitter ? For Sharing In Apps Like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc Where The Message Does Not Get Pasted Automatically: a.) Type the text and after you get the full text in Tamil, press Share button. Then press the Clipboard button. b.) The text gets copied. c.) Go to your app. Press for a few seconds (long press) the area where you want to paste Tamil text.