Harbor Freight Generator Reviews

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Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the TailGators essential features. This generator weighs just 38.5lbs and it is approximately 20 inches long and 16 inches wide. What’s more, the unit has a carry handle that is conveniently positioned on its top so that you can carry it in one hand. Portability is one of the Harbor Freight 900’s greatest advantages as you are not going to need extra space for it in your car or truck. The model’s frame is built from sturdy materials that can withstand heavy usage, but the unit’s performance can be impacted by cold or humid weather. The TailGator is equipped with basic functions, as its control panel only contains an On/Off switch, a 120V AC power outlet and an LED indicator which informs you that the generator is operational. The choke lever is easy to handle and you just have to set it in the Start position before pulling the starter cord. This generator doesn’t have a data center and you cannot monitor the current power consumption or the runtime unless you install a digital hour meter. Besides, the TailGator doesn’t have overload protection, so you must be careful not to exceed its maximum wattage by too much. Although the unit can handle loads that are slightly larger than its highest running wattage, it can only do so for a short time. The protection against voltage surges is also not available on this model which means that a sudden change of voltage can damage the devices you’re powering with this generator. The 2HP 63cc 2-cycle air-cooled engine can remain operational for nearly five hours on a single fuel tank that can hold 1.1-gallons of the gasoline-oil mixture. The manufacturer recommends using a 50:1 gasoline to oil ratio, so opting for pre-blended fuel for outdoor equipment like TrueFuel will eliminate the need to mix the oil with gasoline manually. Moreover, the fuel tank’s size makes it easier to calculate how much fuel you are going to need if you are planning on running this generator for more than 5 hours on loads higher than 50%. It is also worth noting that this generator cannot power appliances that operate on currents stronger than 6.5 Amps. This generator can produce 900 surge Watts and 700 running Watts which means that you can use it to power a coffee maker, but you may end up damaging your refrigerator if you plug it directly into the unit’s power outlet. Unfortunately, 700 Watts is all the running wattage you can get out of this generator. The unit can handle slightly more at the risk of an overload, but exceeding the model’s maximum wattage by a few hundred Watts will damage it, almost certainly. Doubling this generator’s power output is not possible, since it doesn’t have parallel ports and the manufacturer doesn’t produce a paralleling kit that would enable you to pair two TailGator generators. This unit doesn’t produce clean electricity as its engine creates a high percentage of total harmonic distortion. As a result, you cannot use the TailGator to charge batteries on your laptop or smartphone. All generators that run on 2-cycle engines are loud, and the Harbor Freight 900 Watt generator is not an exception.