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Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. There are different and several kinds of textures which many designers incorporate into their design projects. In this post, we present best and free marble textures design for photoshop designers.

These marble textures are really good looking and can be used for several purposes like background images and much more. Let us know your favorite texture! More texture design inspiration:. We hope you have enjoyed the collection of free marble textures. Don’t Forget to Follow TutorialChip on Twitter or Subscribe to TutorialChip to Get the Latest Updates on Giveaways, Tutorials and More for Free.

In today’s post, we have stumbled these set of textures which can be hard to find on the web.

  • These are marble textures useful in creating a marble surface effect to any image.
  • Marbles are limestones or dolostones that have been metamorphosed, therefore displaying a crystalline or non-foliated texture.
  • Taking a closer look into its surface, it bears a resemblance of a far-off nebula millions of light years away.
  • Here are the 30 Free High Quality Marble Textures of different colors made by their respective owners.

32. Marble Grey 2 by jaqx-Textures

2014 Update:

All textures are in JPG format. Make sure to check the terms of these textures whether you’re using it for personal or commercial and make sure to proper credit them.

White gray marble realistic texture

Due to positive reviews and requests, we have updated this collection with more marble textures.

Closeup acrylic paints background

Check them all out and grab the ones that will best suit to your design needs.

Gold marbled pattern

In every project that you do, always meet to a point to ignite your creativity and imagination for you to have a result that will surprise all – even yourself.

Stone floor texture

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Blue marble realistic texture

Marble TextureBy: SafariSydCan be downloaded in 1728×1152 pixels.

Gray texture

bBack and WhiteBy: beckasCan be downloaded in 4272×2848 pixels. Marble TextureBy: retrieved-fiendCan be downloaded in 1911×1902 pixels.

Blue marble texture

Versailles TextureBy: FairyAndTurtleStockCan be downloaded in 1500×1125 pixels.

Rose marble

Marble Texture 01By: carlbertCan be downloaded in 3648×2736 pixels. Seamless Marble By: hhh316Can be downloaded in 1200×1200 pixels.

Blue marble texture

Red Marble By: arkaydoCan be downloaded in 4368×2912 pixels.

Purple marble realistic texture

Marble TextureBy: sicmentaleCan be downloaded in 1668×1251 pixels. MarbleBy: decoaddictCan be downloaded in 4272×2848 pixels.

White marble realistic texture

MarbleBy: lotringCan be downloaded in 3072×2304 pixels.

Sandstone wall texture high res

Seamless Marble TextureBy: hhh316Can be downloaded in 2000×2000 pixels.

Wildtextures tiles stone marble

Unpolished Black-White By: Sir-WazCan be downloaded in 3488×2616 pixels.

Stone marble texture

C201By: robostimpyCan be downloaded in 1900×1900 pixels.

Dark Marble Tiles

Grey 4By: jaqx-texturesCan be downloaded in 1202×1600 pixels. Marble IIIBy: TitelgestaltenCan be downloaded in 2592×1944 pixels.

Purple marble texture

Marble stone

Marble stone 2

Black marble texture

Dark marble texture

Dark marble pattern

White marble granite cracks texture

Dark marbled pattern

Dark marbled pattern free

20. Rough Marble by Jules_art

Rose Marble Texture Valentines Day


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