Horizontal Wood Cladding Texture

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There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of real wood. When it comes to your home or building’s exterior, there’s also nothing as versatile or as likely to give you the look that you’re after as natural wood cladding.

26. Angled for Success

These 49 exterior wood cladding ideas will help inspire you to create the home or building of your dreams. Photo by Richard Barnes Photography. Rustic modern exteriors are growing in popularity across the country. This blend of natural wood cladding, glass, and metal creates and appealing exterior façade.

In this case, the architectural timber cladding is installed vertically, reminiscent of a board-and-batten installation, but with a sleeker profile. Photo by Greg Hadley Photography. For many years, the emphasis for a home’s exterior was what color to paint your siding. Trends are changing, however, leaning toward a more natural appearance for a home’s exterior.

In this case, natural wood cladding with a dark, natural look gives this home gravity, depth, and interest that no paint can replicate. Photo by Rob Hansen. Thanks to certain programs on HGTV, everyone seems to be talking about shiplap wood cladding these days.

But while most people are thinking of them solely for their interiors, it’s the exterior wood cladding in a shiplap installation that can get you the biggest impact for your home. With a smooth, contemporary feel, these boards help set this house apart.

If you think that your exterior wood wall cladding can only go one way, think again. This building features the same natural wood cladding, but in two different installations.

The result is an eye-pleasing dimension for the building that makes it seem as though it’s been built out of blocks – an ideal exterior for this building’s purpose.

1. Contemporary Vertical Cladding

Photo by Pasi Aalto. Clean lines and lots of glass seem to be the ideal exterior for a spa and hotel. This look can get cold looking quickly, however, without some pine wood cladding to warm it up. Used as accents here and there around the property, the warm tones of the wood bring a lot of dimension to the building. Trends of late have been moving away from polished, shiny, and new-appearing designs.

48. Summertime Style

Instead, weathered, natural, and lived in appearances are gaining traction everywhere.

This includes on the exterior wood cladding of a home. This weathered wood building fits in perfectly with its natural surroundings. Photo by Nick Kane. When a paint color begins to fade, peel, weather, or age, the results are anything but pretty. But when wooden house cladding begins to weather and age, it takes on a rainbow of different hues, all of them filled with warmth and character.

This home is streaked with rich tones such as gold and chocolate that give the exterior enormous appeal.