Hour Meter Vibration Type

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Press Release Summary:

I was skeptical about this meter after reading some of the reviews, I very happy that I bought it. It came with zero hours on the meter as expected and has a small tab that you remove once mounted. It starts adding hours only after the tab is removed. I have it mounted on a Porter Cable vertical oil bath/piston air compressor.

Original Press Release:

Vibration Activated Hour Meter

It works as expected and has been accurately counting hours since installed. I've only observed it working while the compressor is running, not "when a bus drives by" like some reviews I read. The cost of the meter is small when compared to the cost of the compressor. It's cheap insurance and helps me to track maintenance on the motor. I have a similar meter installed on my Honda generator but it uses a signal off the spark plug wire, same brand/manufacture and its been working great for several years. I expect the same from this unit. I got the Aimilar timer for my 30-gallon air compressor to help me keep track of oil changes. Read on for our evaluation -- MEDIUM SENSITIVITY WORKED FINE: Since the timer has to be installed vertically, it's in the medium sensitivity mode but did not have a problem sensing the air compressor pump running as shown in the video. -- MOUNTS WITH 2 SIDE TAPE: The back of the unit is not flat.

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