How Much Is A Generac Generator Installed

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I have had this generator for 2 months. It has faithfully run its self-test every other Wednesday at 12 noon. But yesterday morning.... my electricity went out for the first time since we had the generator installed. I heard the generator kick on and started counting seconds... since I'd been told the it would take about 10 seconds before the generator power would turn on house.
After 60 seconds, and then 120 seconds, and then 10 minutes... the power in the house had NOT come on. I turned off the generator rather than continuing to waste natural gas.
The electrician came to look at it this afternoon and opened the Transfer Switch box to find a burned up "lower closing coil." (see photo) My electrician told me that this is the 2nd one that he's seen within two months. I'm wondering if something is seriously wrong with some of these Generac generators.