How To Check Vue Version

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to check the vue version currently we are using in our project.

Note: This tutorial assumes that you already created a new vue project using the vue-cli. We can use the Vue.version property to check the current vue version during a runtime.

In your main.js file add the following log. Inside the terminal, you can check the vue version by running the following npm command. or you can view the vue version directly, inside your project by opening a package.json file.

Check Current Vue Version in pacakge.json

Let's summarize the solutions from @jonrsharpe, @JamesAMohler and @MartinCalvert for friends looking for a quick answer. Run npm list vue (or npm list --depth=0 | grep vue to exclude packages' dependencies).

It is a common way to check npm package's version in the terminal.

Of course, you can also check vuejs's version by browsing package.json (or use command like less package.json | grep vue).

Use Vue.version during the runtime.

Vue Gatsby Error

It is a global API provided in vue.js. If you have the Vue.js Chrome dev tool extension installed and your application is built in development mode you can simply open up the Chrome Dev Tools and use the Vue extension tab.

It is clearly displays the Vue version for the project at the top (see below).

Please simply try type npm v vue in terminal to check the version of Vue.js.

Using the terminal

This quick tutorial will profoundly help you determine how to check the current vue js application version eloquently; we will share a couple of techniques with you to check the version of the vue js app.


Here is the small road map of this quick guide; we will install the vue cli and vue app, then ascertain the shortest techniques to comprehend the nuances of the current vue app version. After going through this tutorial, you will be able to check the app version through command prompt, one-liner npm command and package.json.

Vue CLI is a mandatory tool to create the vue app, so make sure to install it first. Let’s begin installing the latest version of the Vue js app with the following command.

Don’t forget to enter into the project. Node.js Gatsby error – “digital envelope routines::unsupported …”.

To remove above error for invoking the app, make sure to update the "scripts": [] array in package.json file.

In order to fix multi-word error, insert the given code in vue.config.js file.

After getting inside the app, let’s try our hands-on; the first pragmatic approach is to find out the current vue app version using a single command.