How To Get Koukou Gurashi

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Talking is one of the most important mechanics in Koukou Gurashi. This is how you will find out most information about students, including their likes and dislikes, kindness, relationships, accents and slang/lingo. With talking you can get closer to your crushes, lower or raise the reputations of others, find students who enjoy the same things as you, and even learn about the world of Koukou Gurashi itself. There are different ways that text will appear depending on the stats/traits a student has.

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  • For example, if a student is shy, their words will have a significantly smaller text speech size than those who are confident.
  • Confident students will usually have a larger text speech size which may include capitalized words, italics or bold text, the exception being if a student has the Kuudere trait (in which dialogue stays at a medium size without any emphasis added).
  • Text size and emphasis will also vary based on student relationships and interests; people who love a certain topic or person may respond in a larger text font.
  • As of V0.25, students have voices which accompany what they say.
  • There are currently two voices, one for male and one for female.
  • Each voice has 5 different pitch options with over 301 lines of spoken dialogue.
  • Different variables will affect what lines students say.
  • A few examples include students with ram horns saying 'baa', students who are Kuudere or talking about the occult having monotone speech, shy students mumbling quietly, and flirty students using a seductive voice when talking about their crushes.
  • Certain words such as 'exciting' or 'adorable' may initiate certain voice lines. Currently there are 9 topics that students can talk about, not including talking about classmates and asking classmates to follow them.


  • You must be within range of at least one classmate to talk.
  • Use 'TAB' and the 'Scroll-Wheel' to change your Topic (shown in the bottom-right).
  • 'Left-Click' to speak positively about that Topic.
  • 'Right-Click' to speak negatively about it.


To reply, just talk about the same Topic as them. Press 'Q' when someone is waiting for a response to match their Topic automatically. Failing to reply in time will cause an awkward moment. You can press 'E' to set your topic to be one of the students you're facing. The Topics have references to various anime, music, video-games, manga, creepy-pasta, and so forth.

Love is another aspect of the game. When talking with or about someone, the character might start to like them, which is then shown as a heart above their name in the talking bar and as sparkles on the actual character.