How To Launch Vuejs In Localhost

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In this tutorial, I am going to show you 3 ways to run your VueJS applications from Visual Studio Code.

This will also work for any NPM project that has a but I am going to focus on Vue for this article.

I have found that developers who are new to both NPM & Vue have some difficulty getting started so hopefully this will help.
If you're new to Node & NPM the good news is you don't need to know everything to get up and running.

Whenever you see a just know that this file is there to help you manage your project.

  • In this file, you will find metadata about the project, packages that this project depends on and scripts that are available to run.
  • Here is a simple of a project created using the Vue CLI. Now that you have a brief introduction to what information the contains it's time to learn how to run our VueJS applications from Visual Studio Code.

The first way to run your VueJS applications from Visual Studio Code is the one you might have already learned about and that is by using the integrated terminal.

If you're opening up a new terminal/command prompt to run your projects this will speed things up and bring everything back to Visual Studio Code.

With your project open in Visual Studio Code hit the keyboard shortcut (cmd/ctrl) + `.

  • The backtick is located right above the tab key on your keyboard. This will open the integrated terminal and from there you can run any script for your project. Now this is often a point of confusion for those new to VueJS and NPM in general.

The easiest way to find out what scripts are available is to open the and look in the scripts block.

Looking at this I can tell right away that the 5 scripts I have available to me are:.

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