How To Make A Digital Collage

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Whether they’re hanging on our walls or serving as our smartphone’s wallpaper, photo collages are a fantastic way to commemorate the best times with the best people. Without any design experience necessary, you can craft your very own collage and allow your creativity to bring all your beautiful memories together. Make something that stands out by adding colors, graphics, and text to your collage. The Adobe Express collage generator makes it easy, free, and fun to create and share your designs so you can get right back to making more unforgettable memories with your favorite people. Our free online picture collage app allows you to customize designs the way you want. Why pay for software when everything you need is in one place and completely free?

You’ve probably seen collages in advertising and news media.

Without any programming or design knowledge, you can create a visual reminder of the most important times in your life with only a photo collage template and your creativity.

  1. This free photo collage maker is something you can use to frame those special moments in your life. Adobe Express is exceptionally easy to use — and it also happens to be lots of fun. Digital photo collages are a great way to showcase a few of your favorite, related photos. Sure, you could manually create your own using photo editing software, but specialized apps that automatically handle resizing photos to fit in a predesigned template make it much easier. Here are some of our favorite free options. We’ll start with Google Photos since it’s an app so many people are already using. If you are and already have your photos uploaded to the service, then using it to create collages is a no-brainer. You’ll use the Assistant in Google Photos to create a collage. It’s straightforward to use but doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as other apps. You can choose as few as two and as many as nine photos to be part of your collage. If you’ve already got your photos there, it beats uploading them to another service or downloading another app. You also have plenty of photo editing tools at your disposal.

  2. Google Photos is available on Android, iPhone, and on the web. Pic Collage provides you with hundreds of templates and layouts, backgrounds, thousands of stickers, and drawings to customize your collage.

  3. With its intuitive user interface, you can create a simple, yet effective collage in a couple of minutes. If you don’t like any of the templates, you can use the free-form option and create a layout for your collage that is as unique as the photos you’re featuring. When you’re done, you can instantly share the collage with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The one downside of Pic Collage is that the free version inserts a slight watermark on your collages. You’ll have to pay $1.99 in the form of an in-app purchase to remove the watermark and also remove ads from the app itself.

  4. Pic Collage is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. Fotor collage maker is a free, web-based application that offers hundreds of free templates for you to choose from, ranging from classic to artistic frames to funky frames. While they do have a “Premium” membership with even more templates, you won’t feel like you’re missing out because of the extensive templates they offer with the free version.

  5. When you’re done, you can either save your collage to your computer or share it instantly to your social media account right from the website. FotoJet is a free online tool that lets you create beautiful and complex looking collages with just a few clicks. They offer hundreds of free, professional-looking templates. Like Fotor, they have a Premium membership with many more templates to choose from, but you definitely won’t need to subscribe to enjoy making collages with FotoJet.

  6. Included with the free version is a myriad of arrangments to choose from, including standard grid, artistic frames, and 3D collages. This is probably one of the best free options out there when creating collages online. READ NEXT› Is Charging Your Phone All Night Bad For the Battery?› Achtung! How Wolfenstein 3D Shocked the World, 30 Years Later› MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard Review: Weightless Keys for the Win› How Much Download Speed Do You Really Need?› Why You Should Turn Your Old TV Into a Digital Art Frame› What Does the Skull Emoji Mean?

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