How To Refresh Windows 11

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How to factory reset Windows 11 preserving files

If you’ve been a Windows user for a while, you must’ve picked up some of the best practices of using a PC along the way. One such practice popular among the regular Windows users is that of hitting the refresh button. But did you know there’s more than one way to approach a refresh in a Windows PC?

Method 1: Use the F5 Key

In this article, we've taken care of just that for you, and have covered the best methods to refresh your Windows 11. Let’s get started. The context menu is a trustworthy tool for any Windows user—it's the little menu that pops up when you right-click on something.

And as it turns out, it can even help you refresh your copy of Windows 11. Go to Windows desktop and right-click anywhere on the screen, as long as it's not on an icon.

From there, click on Refresh. If you don’t see an option of Refresh, click on Show more options at the bottom. The Refresh option will appear now. Click on it to finally refresh your PC. As soon as you complete the steps from above, your Windows 11 be refreshed instantly. Related: How to Bring Back the Old-Context Menu on Windows 11.

Another simple method to refresh your Windows 11 PC is with the help of the F5 key. Also available on older versions of Windows, Microsoft has decided to keep this method for Windows 11 as well. To use it, simply press the F5 key and your computer will be refreshed.

If you press and hold the F5 button, your system will keep refreshing as long you hold the key. MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY. Apart from the methods discussed above, there’s also a keyboard shortcut method that can help you refresh your Windows 11.

Press the Shift + F10 keys together, and the context menu will pop open. From there, click on the Refresh option and your PC will be successfully refreshed.

2. Use the F5 Key

Related: Windows Shortcuts 101: The Ultimate Guide. Hopefully, you were able to refresh your Windows 11 successfully through one of the above listed methods.

How to Refresh Windows 11 without Losing Programs

Interestingly, a lot of people believe that a refresh clears up their Windows memory—or in one way or another—somehow makes it ‘faster’.

However, refreshing only fetches any new changes made in the back-end directory that the Windows UI hadn't caught up to yet.

So, make sure you are refreshing your PC for the right reasons.

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How to Find Refresh Button and Refresh Windows 11

The performance has degraded to the point that I have to hard power down when it locks up, it takes 20-30 minutes to power back up.

How to factory reset Windows 11 using remove everything option

I would like to reinstall Windows 11, and without losing any of my apps or data (I understand some may need to be reconfigured). How do I do that? When you encounter some serious problems on Windows 11 so that you want to reinstall the operating system, you may suffer from the loss of programs and other data.

Don’t worry, this article will provide you with 3 ways to refresh Windows 11 without losing programs and data. You can continue reading for more details. Since windows 10, the “Refresh” feature has been integrated into “Reset this PC” as a “keep my files” option and continues into windows 11.

Refreshing Windows 11 means reinstalling and updating Windows 11 while keeping personal files and settings, but most programs will be removed.

Scenarios for Refreshing Windows 11

So when do you need to refresh Windows 11? We have summarized the following common scenarios for you. You want to restore the changes you have made to your computer. You want to fix problems caused by bad or corrupt system files.

After factory reset

You want to fix a PC that has become slow or hangs randomly. Then this article will introduce you three ways to refresh Windows 11 without losing programs and data. You can achieve your goal with the built-in tools or a clean installation.