Husqvarna Hour Meter Not Working

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hi everyone just bought a used Dixon dx260 and the hour meter doesn't work after replacing the hour meter and didn't fix it I did some research and started going through trouble shooting to figure out what's wrong.

in this diagram I started from the Timer circuit and when I get to T-4 with the blades on and brake disengaged I only get like a random .14 volts or less should this circuit be 12v also. even so it doesn't appear to have anything to do with the hour meter actually not working.

any help would be appreciatedView attachment diagram.pdf. "Put the key in (don't turn it), and wait for any amount of time over 6 minutes (0.1 hours).

1How to Reset Hour Meter on Husqvarna Riding Mower
1.22. Replace the Hour Meter / Install New Hour Meter
Then, look at the meter. Did the hour meter advance past 283.4?"

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

I'll give that a try. "I still think the key was left on." The key is never left's a ritual every time..back the GT into the garage, put the hydro in the neutral position, set the brake, drop the RPM's to idle, turn the key off, get off and release the deck/blade drive belt tension lever.

That's just like the grass bin emptying ritual I've performed hundreds of times over the last 23 years. Pull the mower to the top of the hill, drop the motor to idle, turn off the blades, let the clutch out, drive down to the compost area, lock the brake, get off, remove the grass shoot, empty the bins, check the area on the deck where the shoot connects to the deck and ....frlrlrlrlrlrlappppppp.

You know the sound when the blade hits your glove?!?! "uh oh, that doesn't sound right...I don't believe dumb $#.

Wrapping Up

you stuck your hand under the deck and the blades are still runnin'." "This isn't gonna be good.."

I think that was my second mistake ;) . You may love gardening or work on the lawn, and this is why you probably come here to get a straightforward solution for your Husqvarna hour meter not working, right?

First, check the reasons if it’s for a burnt fuse or the battery problem. Then, you can fix it yourself. We know this problem is very much irritating and often kills your productivity. Wait a few minutes; you can solve this problem quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We will dive into it. But before that, you have to know one thing, this type of problem may occur several times and for different reasons. Let’s learn some facts first. 2Fix Husqvarna Hour Meter Issue Step By Step.

5Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Let’s find out why the Husqvarna hour meter may stop working.

Here you will get some detailed solutions to those problems. This is one of the most acute problems the lawnmower owners often face.

If you are unable to set up the hour meter very much properly, you can’t expect that your hour meter will run smoothly. To fix this issue,. First, find a hole-shaped place just in front of your Husqvarnalawnmower.

Use a stick or stuff like that and press the hole to remove the protection of the square-shaped hole. Look for two connecting cables. Place your hour meter on the hole.

Not Correctly Set Up the Hour Meter

Connect those two cables with your hour meter. There are slots for this. Turn your hour meter key ON.

This is the proper way to set up an hour meter into your lawnmower. Sometimes the problem may occur because of the wires out there.

Remember, you are running a machine, and it is quite usual that it will create some issues. If this happens, please check the cables are connected with the hour meter.

If you can recover the wires using tapes, it is OK, but if you do not, then change the wires for sure. It has a greater chance to solve Husqvarna hour meters not functioning issues.

You have to choose the type of hour meter according to the model of your Husqvarna lawnmower.

Let’s say you are using Husqvarna yth18542 hour meter, but it may not be appropriate. To remove this sort of confusion, you need to replace the hour meter with the proper one.

Fix Husqvarna Hour Meter Issue Step By Step

Reasons Why Husqvarna Hour Meter Not Working

Know the Hour Meter

Husqvarna hour meter may not work because of battery issues. This happens because a battery is not a certain thing and can be damaged. Look, if the battery is damaged, you can’t run your lawnmower, let alone the hour meter.

How do I turn my digital hour meter back on?

Once you get to know this, replace your battery or try to recover it. Thus you can solve this problem. The fuse of the external hour meter can be burned. Make sure the fuse is all right.

Can I reset an hour meter?

Simply check the fuse whether you find any dark spot or burn smell. If you find these, you have to check the fuse and run the Husqvarna hour meter properly. You will get the fuse available in the market.

Hidden Harness Issue

Set the fuse with the hour meter. You must have a lawnmower to mow the grass if you work in a garden or anywhere else to fix this problem. Hour meter of the Husqvarna lawn tractor is something that counts every hour of operation.

This is very common among people who often have a great concern about their gardens or lawns. As it is essential, you may surely not want any error to occur with it.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. The main goal of the Husqvarna hour meter is to count the number of hours the machine has been operated.

It works as a counter.