Hypixel Unban Hack

Posted on  by admin

So I made an appeal for getting banned for logging on with hacks and I didnt win or anything using it and I have like 300 m netowrh on skyblock and 1000+ playtime and they said they took ban appeals very seriously cleary they dont take it seriously I dont even think they read the appeals here is my appeal: Ban AppealMinecraft AccountName: MrGogIsACowUUID: ef5271f1927249858ea1d620073a63baPunishment DetailsType: BanReason: Cheating through the use of unfair game advantages.AppealWhy you should unban me: Please. First I was playing 2b2t I forgot to turn off my hacks and logged on Hypixel I hopped into a duel. Then in the middle of the duel, I got banned!