Insert Frame In Word

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In MS Word, there are only two ways to box your content: textboxes and frames. You might not have ever heard of frames. This is because they preceded textboxes. Newer versions of Word now use text boxes. Although, one can activate and use frames. Both frames and text boxes have their attributes.

However, the capabilities of textboxes exceed those of frames. Why may textboxes be preferred? They look more organized because you can create links allowing text to flow from one textbox to another.

How to easily insert frame into document in Word?

They have an extensive selection of text-wrapping options.

You can change the alignment and orientation of text in a textbox. Why may frames be preferred? Frames can be part of a paragraph-style definition. In addition, they accommodate comments, automatic numbering, endnotes and footnotes.

Both can have a border (you can add color to it). Both can contain images and other graphical features.

Do you ever have to work on written projects with colleagues but cannot find an organised and structured way to do it?

Both can have a background fill. Both can be placed within a page margin.

MS Word does not show the Frame feature on the ribbon by design.

Therefore, you must first add the Frame functionality to the ribbon to integrate frames into a document. This article will teach you how to activate the Frame feature and insert frames into your document.

Open the document where you want to insert the frame.