Install Vue Cli Service Globally

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everything was installed correctly. but whenever I try to create project, it says "'vue' is not recognized as an internal or external command".

I installed and re-installed but didn't work. npm was also added to environmental variable path.

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  • Locate vue.cmd and add its location to your PATH. It is added to package manager(npm or yarn) installation. So you may find it at following locations. 1212 gold badges4747 silver badges7979 bronze badges.
  • Addition: If setting the path variable and reinstalling @vue/cli does not work, using the node.js command prompt instead might solve the issue.
  • Daniel MethnerDaniel Methner. You can try this way it worked for mego to the location of your yarn or npm mine is C:\Users\TED\AppData\Local\Yarn\bin for YarnC:\Users\TED\AppData\Local\Npm\bin for Npm usersTED will be replaced by your user namethen copy and add it to your system environment variable.

Note in case you don't find AppData make sure you have view hidden file checked. twizeyimana elissatwizeyimana elissa. It seems vue isn't been installed globally for some reasons.This is the step I followed to solve mine:. Firstly, create your desired project folder (say "Vue Project").

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This is where you want to create a vue project. Then create a "node_modules" folder in the Vue Project folder. Then go to your system npm folder C:\Users{YourAccount}\AppData\Roaming\npm.


You will see three different "vue" files. Copy them and paste in the Vue Project Folder you created. Go back to C:\Users{YourAccount}\AppData\Roaming\npm and enter the node_modules folder. You'll see a "@vue" folder. Copy this, and paste it in the node_modules folder you created in the Vue Project Folder. You can now head back to the CLI and create your project using "vue create my-vue-project" where my-vue-project is your desired vue project name.


Alalade SamuelAlalade Samuel. if you got this error most probably chance package not installed completelycheck-in C:\Users\dev\AppData\Roaming\npmif you had not found the package under this folder then re-run your command.

Muhammad AzamMuhammad Azam. I am using Yarn to install @vue/cli.

  • The way I solve it is via the following steps.
  • Locate your global installed vue.cmd location. Add the vue.cmd directory into System variable Env.
  • For myself, the path is C:\Users{MyAccount}\AppData\Local\Yarn\.bin. I'm using node v6.11.2, npm v5.3.0 and angular/cli v1.2.7. I'm suddenly receiving the following error message for a majority of my npm installs.

Never seen it before.. Can anyone explain what's going on here? Things I've tried:. Running Git Bash as an administrator. Turning off my firewall and AntiVirus protections.

Running npm cache clean. Manually deleting the contest of AppData\Roaming\npm-cache.


Uninstalling node via the Control Panel and reinstalling. Gave Everyone full permissions to C:\Program Files\nodejs. Reinstalled the CLI. Restarted my computer (can't hurt?). Made sure the node_modules folder is not read only. Appreciate your time! 110110 bronze badges. 92622 gold badges1313 silver badges2929 bronze badges.

1313 silver badges2929 bronze badges. I get this error when running Visual Studio Code because the typescript compiler watches files and locks them (see

The solution is to temporarily close VS Code when dealing with NPM. Perhaps you have something watching files? James EhlyJames Ehly. I'm having the same problem, even using Node v8.6.0 and npm v5.4.2.