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Since the game was ported to Steam earlier today, I've been thinking of picking this one up. One of the main reasons is the controller support which is mentioned on the store page. I don't remember the PC version has it back then, so I thought they added it later, which is pretty nice. Then I noticed that the reviews are mixed, so I scrolled down to read some of them. There's this one review that mentions that despite the store page claiming that the game has controller support, it actually doesn't.
I was so happy at first, finally DA2 was on Steam, and with "FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT!"
Except it's not, and it doesn't.
It's just like Ubisoft's bs Steam releases in that it requires Origin running in the background anyway, and the controller support tag is a COMPLETE lie. Neither this game nor Origins has controller support whatsoever, even though they both had console ports. DA2 especially has a very streamlined combat system that's perfect for a controller, but nope, they refused to include that functionality for the PC version, and now lie about its inclusion for this release.
I also found similar reports from the discussion board. It's either an error or straight up false advertisement.

Add controller support please! :: Dragon Age II General Discussions

The steam store page of this game appears that it has fully controller support, yet after I bought Dragon Age II and its DLC bundle (totally overpriced dlcs), installed them, I found it didn't have controller support at all! This is a severe fraud issue! Please add controller support ASAP!

So if you're thinking of getting the game for controller support, don't. Thankfully, there's a 2-hour window for refunds.