Install Vue Js

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A guide to help you set up a Vue.js development environment on Windows. Learn more on the Vue.js overview page.

Vue can be installed directly on Windows or on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). We generally recommend that you install Vue on WSL if you are planning to interact with a NodeJS backend, want parity with a Linux production server, or plan to follow along with a tutorial that utilizes Bash commands. For more info, see Should I install on Windows or Windows Subsystem for Linux?.


  • You’re browsing the documentation for v2.x and earlier. For v3.x, click here. Vue does not support IE8 and below, because it uses ECMAScript 5 features that are un-shimmable in IE8.

Install Vue.js

To install Vue.js:

  1. However it supports all ECMAScript 5 compliant browsers.

  2. Vue follows Semantic Versioning in all its official projects for documented features and behavior. For undocumented behavior or exposed internals, changes are described in release notes.

  3. Latest stable version: 2.6.14. Detailed release notes for each version are available on GitHub.

Check the version number you have installed by using the command: vue --version.

When using Vue, we recommend also installing the Vue Devtools in your browser, allowing you to inspect and debug your Vue applications in a more user-friendly interface.

Simply download and include with a script tag. Vue will be registered as a global variable. Don’t use the minified version during development.

Install Vue CLI

Vue CLI is a toolkit for working with Vue in your terminal / command line. It enables you to quickly scaffold a new project (vue create), prototype new ideas (vue serve), or manage projects using a graphical user interface (vue ui). Vue CLI is a globally installed npm package that handles some of the build complexities (like using Babel or Webpack) for you. If you are not building a new single-page app, you may not need or want Vue CLI.

To install Vue CLI, use npm. You must use the -g flag to globally install in order to upgrade (vue upgrade --next):

To learn more about additional plugins that can be added (such as linting or Apollo for integrating GraphQL), visit Vue CLI plugins in the Vue CLI docs.

Additional resources

  • You will miss out on all the nice warnings for common mistakes!
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